Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birfday, Bowsah!!!

This is my boyfriend, Bowser. I call him Bowsah and he calls me Mowwy. He's been my boyfriend for a long time, and I am sure you can see why - look how handsome and cute he is. He got that scarf from another girl basset, but it's ok because she is nice and I like her. Do you see his mustache? My baby bro has one, too...I guess it's a boy basset thing, because I don't have one.

Anyway, it's Bowsah's birthday! He's 2 years old now! He had a birthday party with a cake, presents, and friends a few days ago. I couldn't go because he lives kinda far away, but I was there in spirit.

So everyone, wish Bowsah a very happy birthday!!!

Here's his blog - it's fun to read! Baby Bowser's Blog

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well, we went on stupid vacation! Momma and Daddy went, but we went to stay at the vet. Yeah we got the "luxury suite" and got to play outside every day, but at night it wasn't cutting it. Where is my sofa? Where is my dog bed? I know I have more toys than these 4 puny things Momma brought along.

Right after we checked in, a couple other bassets checked in. Brilliant kennel workers put them across from us and we proceeded to howl at each other. Well, not me since I don't howl. But my baby bro sure had a lot to always! This little lady just wanted her beauty sleep. So much for that.

The good side is that Momma and Daddy picked us up a day early. So that means I got to sleep on the sofa Wednesday night. For that, I am grateful. I've been really quiet since we got home. It's good to make Momma nervous sometimes. If she thinks this is affecting my Addison's, then she won't leave again, right? Winston is doing his part by not eating without a lot of hesitation. My baby bro will eat anything that's not tied down. Oh, lets be honest...he'll eat anything tied down too! But Momma gives him his food and he just looks at it and walks away. Eventually he eats it, but not without being dramatic first. Good job, little dude! You got her worried too! We are smart though. We play and cuddle juuuuust enough so that Momma won't call the vet, but we are acting funny just to keep her on her guard. Brilliant, I'd say. That's the plan we hatched in the SIX DAYS WE WERE AT THE STUPID VET KENNEL!!! Serves Momma and Daddy right!

In other news, we've chewed up our dog bed and are getting a new one this weekend. It seems like we deserve at least that much, considering we were held captive FOR SIX DAYS!!

And did I mention that we got baths while we were on stupid vacation. Yeah, adding insult to injury...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stop! Thief!

Oooooo my baby brother is in trouble with Momma!! He is so naughty! He did something that I'd NEVER dream of doing in a million years! I am a good girl who knows her manners...not a naughty little boy who forgets his!

Momma took Winston to Petsmart the other day all by himself (I got to go Sunday). He had to go get his toes chopped off at the groomer again. So after he was finished, Momma let him walk around and look at toys and play with the other customers and their dogs. He got scratches and nuzzles...all that good stuff that comes with going to get your toes chopped. Momma was in line paying for the toe chopping when Auntie Dawn (she's not really my aunt, but we love her enough to call her that), who was the cashier, said "WINSTON! What are you eating now?!" Momma turned around to find that he had taken a dog bone shaped cookie off the rack and was going to eat it. Momma got it from him and wouldn't let him eat it. It was covered in plastic wrap...bad for bellies! She wanted to pay for it, but Auntie Dawn wouldn't let her. Boy, was Momma upset and embarrassed.

My brother's manners seem to come and go like the wind anymore. Momma is getting frustrated and told him that if he doesn't shape up soon, he is going to doggy school! Oh boy, better listen because doggy school stinks. You get in trouble for napping, you have to do homework...I know because I went when I was a teeny baby. I hated doggy school!

So that's my brother's latest antics. He's something else.

By the way, I learned to use the little steps Momma bought for me. Now I go up on the comfy sofa whenever I want! Go me!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentime's Day!

It's Valentime's Day, hound dog friends and I wanted to wish you all a happy one. This year, I think I have 2 Valentime' sweet Bowsah, of course, and my Momma! As mad as I have been with Momma, she does love me. She says she doesn't like taking me to the vet and she doesn't want to go on vacation without me, but sometimes a Momma's gotta do what a Momma's gotta do. I guess that includes nail clippings because Momma said she is going to take me to get one of those this week too. Winston needs his cut off too, Momma...don't forget to torture...err, take care of him too. I'm rethinking this Momma is my Valentime thing now. I'll just let Winston be my Valentime instead.

In other exciting news, we got new furniture in the living room a few days ago. Our furniture was old and breaking down, so Momma and Daddy decided to go shop for new stuff. Now they've tried this before and couldn't agree on anything (Momma wanted to know when Daddy suddenly got an opinion on stuff like wall color and furniture). Finally, they found something they both liked and was basset friendly (easy to clean and big enough for us to cuddle with them on it). Well, last Friday after Momma got home from work, she spent the afternoon tearing apart the living room and cleaning it. Winston and I chased and chased and chased the vacuum and mop. Boy were we tired that night. We won, by the way. The vacuum and mop went back into their hiding spots. VICTORY!! The next day, Momma and Daddy took all the furniture out of the living room and rolled up the rug. It was weird! Winston grabbed a toy and ran laps all over the room. I just hung out with Momma and was very confused. When the furniture guys got here, Momma, Winston, and I sat in the car (it was snowing and we couldn't play in the yard) while they brought the new furniture in. Momma wanted us out of the way and she didn't want me getting stressed out because of all the commotion. I was a little concerned with all this... until my seat warmer kicked in. Then I just settled in and enjoyed the wait. Winston was very concerned by the guys carrying all that big stuff.

So now we have a big new chair with a big new ottoman. And man, you should see the couch. There's plenty of room for Winston and I...and Momma! The only problem is that it's too high for me to jump up on. Momma bought me steps on Saturday afternoon, but I'm not too sure about them. I just lay on my dog bed or let Momma help me up. I'll have to figure this out somehow.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beau the Basset

Not all bassets have the sweet, cushy life that Winston and I have. I am thankful every day for my food, my healthy treats, my doggy bed, my sofa, and all my toys. Yeah and Winston too...most days. Little dude needs to stop barking in my face!

So there is a basset in need and his name is Beau. His owner died and the people who took him in weren't able to keep him. He was not able to live that cushy dog life that we all deserve. Well, on the Basset Forum there are a lot of nice people. Some of my best doggie friends are from the forum. Hey, that's where I met my boyfriend Bowser, so it must be a good place. Anyway, the Jowls of Fury crew has agreed to take Beau in and a transport network was set up to get him to the JoF home this weekend. He will stay with them until a permanent home is found. In the meantime, he will need the usual things all dogs need: food, toys, vet care, etc and all that costs money. My basset friends and I have been spreading the word to help raise some money for Beau's care. If you can donate anything, please do it here:

Welcome to the family, Beau. We hope you have a good time with the JoF gang and find your furever home soon!

Bye Bye, Prednisone!

Well, not completely. I met my new doctor today...her name is Dr. Jen. I like her. Even though I got chubbier, she didn't make me feel bad about it...not like stupid Santa did. But she said that it could be my Prednisone that keeps doing it, because I don't get table scraps, I am now on diet dog food, and I only eat healthy treats. Baby carrots now, because Momma has fallen waaaay behind in making our dried treats. Get on the ball, Momma, COME ON!!!

Anyway, Dr. Jen said that after I am home from my stupid vacation, I can cut back to a half a pill each day and we will see if we can go further than that. I like Dr. Jen, even though she gave me a shot and puffed medicine up my nose. Blech!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wanted: A New Momma

Our dear Basset friends,

Effective immediately, we are searching for a new Momma because we are very, very, very mad at the one we have. As if the vet visits, ear cleanings, and nail clippings aren't bad enough, now Momma said we are going to have to be boarded for 6 days...soon. She explained that we are going to stay at the emergency vet we use (our vet doesn't board) and it'll be like a vacation for us. She's going on vacation with Daddy, but I think they are getting the better end of the deal. I mean, who wants to live at the stupid vet for a week?? I'd like to see them stay there! Momma says it's because I have Addison's and if I get sick, there will be really good doctors there to take care of me.

And if THAT'S not bad enough, we have to go to the vet this weekend to get shots so we don't get sick at the boarding place/prison. AND Dr. W doesn't work at the vet anymore, so we have to meet a NEW doctor. They better not cut off our nails while we are getting shots. Not again.

So this is why we are looking for a new Momma. Our Momma is mean. If you know anyone that wants 2 cute bassets, let us know.

Molly and Winston