Friday, June 17, 2011

The Vet? Again?

Back in the car this morning for our trip to the vet. Today we checked the electrolytes again and good news: all is well! Yay Molly! The ear infection is clearing up too. I cleaned buppy ears last night and Molly's were great. Winston, well he has the dirtiest ears on the planet. I have a feeling he's going to be prone to infections, so I must be diligent. Pupperonis make him submit to my sticking a wet cotton ball in his ear. Wet Willies of the worst kind!

So Molly is learning to love the car. It takes her to places like the lake, the park, Petsmart, Grandma & Grandpa's house (lots of cookies and there's even a fat kitty to chase). She really doesn't even mind the vet. She gets lots of attention there (good and less-than-good) and she's learned where the doctor keeps the treats in the exam room. Not too fond of the thermometer up the bum, but who can blame her. So she's less whiny in the car. However, as soon as we get on the highway, she slouches in the seat and looks like the end of the world is near. Daddy says it's because bassets aren't meant to go that fast. I'm just happy she doesn't puke on the seats.

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