Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas?

I was looking forward to Christmas so much, and I guess it was ok. We were thinking a lot about the hounds we know on the forum that went to the bridge this past year. Lots of sadness for their families. But we also thought a lot about the friends that are still here and we were hoping they got lots of gifts from Santa Paws, even if they were less-than-well-behaved.

Santa made it to our house. We were all sound asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve. We woke up a little late on Christmas morning, but hey, it was Momma's and Daddy's day off and we thought they deserved to sleep in. Momma got up and made cinnamon rolls, but we didn't get any. BOOO Momma! We didn't even get to open our presents until the afternoon. Momma, Daddy, Winston, and I all got lots of gifts, but I think the commotion was too much. There was wrapping paper all over the living room, lots of noise and chaos. I got scared and hid behind the chair. Momma stopped all the commotion when she realized I was upset. She cleaned up all the paper and petted me. She told me I could come out and that everything was going to be ok. I wasn't so sure about that. I thought I might just stay behind the chair for a bit.

Finally, I came out and Momma said she was sorry that it got so crazy. She didn't think it would bother me too much, but she was wrong. I spent some time playing with my new toys. Winston and I each got a stuffed toy, a beefy bone, little peanut butter treats, a nylabone, and a squirrel-shaped cookie (Winston got his squirrel!) - all in all, a good bunch of gifts. Momma said that we can't have all our treats at once. That just makes Christmas last longer.

So I spent some time with that beefy bone, then had dinner and napped for the evening. Momma felt better when I ate dinner - she knew my Addison's was not flaring up. She was scared for a bit. She said that it was a good reminder that I am still an Addison's dog even though I am doing ok on my medicine. I guess we are all still new to this and learning what scares me, and how we need to cope with it.

I guess it was a Merry Christmas after all!

PS - No good pictures, as we failed to cooperate. Imagine!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for Santa Paws

Winston's being kind of naughty today, and I reminded him that Santa would be here tonight and he'd better behave. Then he chased the kitty. I've resorted to showing him this:

Santa Tracker

Hope it works in keeping my baby bro out of trouble.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Treats - Part 2

Momma has been working hard at her job lately. She had a bunch of classes to teach this semester and when one of the other professors left, she had to take over one of his classes too. Momma has been working so hard that she hasn't had as much time for us as we'd like. But now it's break time and Momma has a month off of work. Yay Momma!!!!

Now she is going to get serious with this treat-making thing. She has this nifty new dehydrator and she loves it, and so do we! She made dried apples the other day and I think it's our favorite treat so far. We've had bananas, sweet potatoes, and apples so far. She's going to start making cookies for us too. I think Momma is also going to get some hot dogs for us at the farmer's market and dry that as well.

So my dear basset friends, I want to share with you. The other day, I got a package in the mail from my dear sweet Bowsah and it was cookies! I was so excited to get this package and open it up - now I want to share that excitement with you all. So guys, let me know if you want any dried treats. You can email my Momma at mgeorge25@gmail.com and let us know what you want and where to send it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winston's Christmas List

My baby bro is about to learn about Christmas. He did a little over the weekend when we met creepy Santa at Petsmart. This guy was rude - he said (in not so many words) that I was fat. Excuse me skinny, grody Santa, but I have Addison's Disease and my medicine makes me chubby looking. I am watching my figure, but some things can't be helped. I'm never speaking to Santa again. Keep your stupid toys!

But Winston made a list anyway. I think we need to boycott Santa and just ask Momma to give us our presents. Here's what Winston wants for Christmas:
  • To play with Nala the orange kitty
  • Cat food
  • Cheese
  • A new Nylabone
  • Lunch (we only get breakfast and dinner now!)
  • The squirrels that live in the neighbor's tree
  • His own sofa
  • More stuffed toys
  • Potato chips
His list is pretty simple. He says he has the best thing in the world already: a big sister who loves to play with him. I do love the little guy and missed him when he had to go to the doctor yesterday. My baby bro is the best guy in the whole world :)

I didn't do it, Momma!

Winston got hurt, but I swear it's not my fault!

He hurt his right hip and was very grumpy on Sunday night. He was limping earlier that day and by bedtime, he was hurting pretty bad. All I was doing was laying on the sofa, ready to call it a night, and he ran up and started showing his teeth and barking angrily in my face. I showed my teeth back, but that only made him madder. Momma stepped in and he did it to her too! She has a way of telling us, in no uncertain terms, that you DO NOT act like that to Momma. She looks us straight in the eye and gets her "stern Momma" voice. Then she waits for us to calm down and we get hugs. I learned a long time ago that Momma doesn't take that kind of attitude. Winston is learning.

But Momma knew Winston wasn't being mean. He was up all night because he couldn't get comfortable. He kept crying in pain. Finally, he climbed on the sofa with me and went to sleep. Momma took him to see Dr. W in the morning and she said that Winston only pulled a muscle and should heal in about a week. He is on medicine for pain and he's feeling better. As long as his limp goes away, he doesn't need to go back to the vet. The bad part is, he isn't allowed to run around and play. Booooo! I try to get him to play - I bark and stomp my feet (that's Molly-speak for "GAME ON, LITTLE BRO!"), but he is a good boy and won't wrestle and chase me. I can't wait for him to get better so we can play! I am so BORED!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homemade Treats!

Momma bought a dehydrator last weekend and it got here a couple of days ago. I saw it and thought, "Jeez Momma, why did you buy that big ugly thing when you already complain that we have too much junk in this little house of ours?" Then she said something about making treats for me...and Winston. Well, there it sat for days and days. I would go check on it to see if there were any treats in it, but it was always empty. I thought we got ripped off by the people who sold that silly thing to my Momma.

Then this morning came and Momma got up early (we were hungry and crying). After we pottied and had breakfast, Momma started making lots of noise in the kitchen and it started to smell like food. People food. Hours and hours later, we had treats! We had nice little sweet potato snacks. We never had them before and Winston and I spit them out at first. THESE ARE NOT PUPPERONIS, MOMMA! But we got used to them and now we can't get enough! Momma made so many that she is going to share with a doggy that belongs to a lady at her work. I told her she needs to share with my basset friends :) Now we are trying to convince her to make banana snacks. She said next weekend when she is off.

What kinds of dried treats do you all like, my basset friends??

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Christmas List

I am not a newbie at this whole Christmas thing like Winston is. I had Christmas before. Last year, Santa brought me presents and I had fun opening them...then chewing up the wrapping paper. Then, we went to Gramma and Grampa's for more presents and dinner. I ran all around their house in circles and never got tired. Then I would jump on Grampa's lap (I was still very little) and sit there, then jump back down. Gramma had all the presents under the tree and Momma was worried that I would open them for everyone before it was time. She kept an eye on me the whole time, but I was a good girl and NEVER bothered them. I did sniff them because I am a curious girl, but that was all.

Then I sneaked a piece of ham from the trash and ran away with it. I swallowed the big piece before Momma could take it, but she wasn't mad. She said it was better than some of the stuff I tried to eat at the park.

When it was present time, Momma said I could help her open some. But then Gramma gave me my own present...just for me...little Molly McFreckles! It was a chewy tug toy thing that I played with for a long time. Winston likes it now and that's ok.

So this year Winston is going to learn all about Christmas! He's going to love it!!! Soon we will go see Santa and get our pictures taken with him (I'll bet Winston tries to eat his beard!). But first, we have to make a list so we can tell Santa what to bring us. I am starting mine now:

Molly McFreckles' Christmas List
  • A new chew stick that tastes like beef (or peanut butter)
  • Pupperoni
  • Peanut Butter - a gigantic jar!
  • My own blanket
  • No more shots
  • For Winston to stop barking right in my face
  • For Winston to stop tugging on my wiggly skin (ouch!)
  • More stuffed animals
  • My baby brother to stop stealing my toys
  • More cheese (with out the pill hidden inside it - I'm on to you, Momma)
  • More Molly-Momma time
  • More Molly-Daddy time
  • Sticks
That's all I can think of now. I'll come up with more, I am sure. Now I gotta go help my baby bro write his...he's clueless, sigh.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Got My Feet Chopped!!!!!

Vet day was yesterday. Momma and I went to get my blood taken for my electrolytes...this is getting to be the same old story, isn't it? Anyway, I hope to find out tomorrow that all is in balance. I feel good, so I am not worried. I also got my heartworm/tick disease test and it was negative. Hooray! Wasn't worried there either, but we gotta make sure I am in good health. Gotta keep up with my baby bro. He's getting so big! He's almost as big as me! He'll be 1 in February. I hope we have cupcakes like we had on my birthday. Can't go camping though...it's too cold. We can owe you a camping trip, little bro!

So while we were at the vet, Momma remarked that my nails were long and the tech offered to trim them. Momma said she had planned to take us to Petsmart to get them done, but hadn't yet. So my bad Momma let them trim my nails while we were at the vet! Momma! How could you let them take my blood AND cut my feet off?! I dunno what I did to Momma to make her so mean to me! Hrmph!

Anyway, she says we still have to go to Petsmart to get Winston's feet cut off too (she swears it's just the nails, but I swear it's the whole foot!), but I can just go to say hi to my friends. I'm gonna laugh at Winston as he BAROOOOOOS the whole time they are taking away his feet. I am such a mean big sister.

So, we got some snow 2 weeks ago. I think I might love snow, because Momma got a 4-day weekend because of it. Her university didn't have power, so she didn't have to teach. YAY SNOW!! Winston got his first taste of snow...Daddy took him out in it while Momma was away that morning (driving on the slippery roads...be careful Momma!), but he didn't take any pictures. Momma took this one when she got home (safe and sound):

Then our power went out for a little while that night. Not for very long, so we were only a tiny bit cold. We were sleepy by that time anyway, so we didn't care. Winston crawled on the sofa next to Momma and slept through it:

So that's all we've been up to lately. I think Winston might be getting more teeth because he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! Momma is getting frustrated, but she says he'll get over it. I did the same thing at his age. Hope he is over it by the time Christmas is here...or he'll chew up the Christmas tree! Now, I have to go tell him all about the tree, and Santa, and presents...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Momma says we are getting snow today. Now, I remember last winter when I was still a baby we had snow. It was fun for a little while, but then it was just cold and wet and annoying. My belly used to get very cold when I would go outside to potty. I don't think I want the snow to come today...or ever!

Winston is only a baby (even though he's almost as big as me) and he doesn't know what snow is. He was born on February 7th, so if there was any snow, he was too tiny to be out in it. I've been telling Winston all about snow for a while now, but he doesn't quite understand. Today, he will learn all about it for real. Just you wait, Winston, you're going to have a cold belly too!

My crazy little brother will probably like this stupid snow!

PS: These pictures are from when I still loved snow. Now, BOOOOO SNOW!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Me, Again!

I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging. Momma is at work a lot and she takes the laptop with her everyday. When she isn't at work, she's at home doing work. All she does is work! Poor Momma :(

So here I am, back to tell you some wonderful news: I went to the vet today (It's Addison's Day!) and they weighed me. I didn't gain ANY weight. I didn't lose any either...but I didn't gain any!

And Daddy taught us a new trick. Every morning, Momma leaves for work before Daddy and it's his job to take us out to go potty one last time before he leaves. This way, Momma can stay late and help students who like to come see her in her office as she is about to go home for the day. Well, if we potty for Daddy, she can work later. We try not to potty for Daddy...ever.

Anyway, so when we do go potty, Daddy gives us a little bit of Pupperoni. Winston has been working on taking cookies nicely, but I think he gets so excited that he can't help it. I used to be like that, but Momma taught me to be a nice girl. Winston takes things from Momma like a good boy, but he won't do that for Daddy. So Daddy started tossing the Pupperoni in the air and Winston learned to catch it. Daddy taught me the same trick! I'm better at it than Winston...so there, Little Brother!

Oh yeah, and Momma gave me my Percorten shot today. I am very confused by this. She TAKES me to the vet, but now she's acting like she IS the vet...with those sharp needles. BOO Vet Momma! Bring back my other Momma!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I wanna be like Bowsah!

So I have a really good friend named Bowser. I've never met him nose to nose, but I know him from the Basset Hound Forum. Some of you who read my blog know who he is. He's about the cutest thing since, well, me! He has this adorable way of "talking" (he calls me "Mowwy")and you can see what I mean by looking at his very own blog: Baby Bowsah's Bwog

Anyway, Bowsah's Momma has a Facebook page and she lets all Bowsah's friends go and look at pictures. She has pictures of fish and some other animals that I never saw in my little doggy life. She also has lots of pictures of Bowser. I like looking at his picture because he's so cute! So, all this got me thinking. My Momma has a Facebook page and she has lots of pictures of me...and Winston. So I talked Momma into it...she says I can post a link to her pictures of us. Here it is: My Momma's Facebook pictures

Let me know if it doesn't let you see them and I'll have Momma work on fixing it. You gotta see me...I am ADORABLE. So is Winston (he really is, I can't deny it!)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Good News...and the Not-So-Good News

Good News: I went to the vet on Thursday and got my Addison's shot. I also got my yearly vaccinations (though some last a couple of years...hooray!). Dr. W said I was a grumpy girl when I came in for my ACTH Stim test a couple of weeks ago, so she came to the office armed with a muzzle, along with my shots. Silly Dr. W, she didn't need the muzzle. I grumbled during my exam (quit poking my belly, lady!!) but Momma told her it was no different from the sound I make when I don't want to come in the house. Momma knows I am not going to bite, but I guess Dr. W doesn't know me as well as Momma does. So, I was good...I didn't bite and I got a treat.

The other good news is that next month, I just need to go get weighed and then Momma will give me my Addison's shot from now on. No more vet, except for blood tests.

The yucky news is that I gained more weight, in spite of my best efforts to diet. Momma told Dr. W what I was eating and Dr. W says I am eating fine and shouldn't get less than I am already getting. I get only a tiny piece of Pupperoni when I go potty outside, but mostly my treats are baby carrots and ice cubes. Oh, and I get a little cheese with my Prednisone every morning. So, I am gaining more weight than I should, even on the Pred, and Dr. W says it might be my thyroid. BOO! If I gain again next month, we are doing a thyroid test when my blood is drawn for my electrolyte test in November. Momma says I have all the signs and Dr. W says since I have one endocrine problem, why not another? It's all perfectly logical.

In the meantime, I feel pretty good and am glad Momma will give me my shots now. I love the people at the vet, but I really don't like it there. I'd rather go to Petsmart! Oh wait...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boo to the vet...again!

It's vet day. It comes around SO fast! I hope they don't tell me I gained more weight. Dieting stiiinks. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dear Momma,

Why must I go to the vet AGAIN this week? I was just there 2 weeks ago...and 2 weeks before that! And now you're saying that I have to go back maybe twice next month and get my yearly shots AND my Addison's shot? You say I am getting my ornery streak back now that I am feeling better. Momma, I am not an ornery girl...I'm just sick of the vet!! And the poking!!

But thank you for taking good care of me. I do feel better than I have in almost 6 months (that's a lot of my life, you know!). I know you worry, but you seem to have calmed down. You gotta do what I do when things are kinda yucky: take a nap. A loooong, snoring nap with your head hanging off the side of the sofa! Just don't snore as loud as Winston...he makes it hard to hear the TV sometimes.

I still think the vet is yucky, no matter how many hot dog treats and belly rubs they give me!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Party Time!!!

Tuesday was yucky. I had to go to the vet early in the morning to have my ACTH Stim test. Momma dropped me off at 7:30 and had to go to work. She only works til around 11 and then comes home. She thought the vet would call to say, "Hey, Molly can come home now!" But they never did. There I sat in a cage all afternoon when finally Momma called and asked when I could leave. "Anytime." they said. Momma thought maybe my test was later in the day and that's why they didn't call. Booo vet! Leaving me in a cage...hmph!

So Momma came to get me and I went home. I wasn't too happy, it was a stressful day with a lot of poking and prodding and waiting. I came home and napped because finally I could relax and not worry about getting a needle stuck in me. I slept all evening and after dinner, played a little with Winston. He had a new chew stick to occupy him while he was alone, so I stole it from him. He was mad but sat there looking at me all pathetic-like. I think maybe I scare him a little. Ha!

The next day, I was feeling better and we waited to hear from Dr. W. She wasn't in that day, so we figured that she'd call on Thursday. Nope. Momma was annoyed. $300 for a test and a lot of stress for me, the least they can do is call soon. Finally today they called...while Momma was at work. Momma said she wasn't worried because if there was something wrong, they'd have called sooner so they could treat me. She was right. Dr. W. called and said I was doing great and my test results were excellent. I don't need a blood test until November and then we are going to look at adjusting everything. Yay me!!!!

I was so happy, I celebrated:

Molly: 1; Addison's: 0....HA!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boo to Tuesday!

Tuesday I have to go to the vet again. Momma said I have to go early and stay while she's at work in the morning. I have to get my ACTH Stimulation test so that the doctor can make sure my Addison's is ok. I feel great, don't know why Momma is making me go. Today I chased Momma in the yard and barked at her. I went in the car to Petsmart and then for a walk in our neighborhood. I feel awesome, Momma! Guess she has her reasons.

Here's more about the test from the Addison's Dogs website:
To perform the ACTH stimulation test, an initial blood sample is drawn and the cortisol level is measured. The dog is injected with a form of pituitary hormone ACTH that tells the adrenals to produce cortisol. After an hour, blood is drawn again, and the cortisol level measured. Resting cortisol should range from 1-4 ug/dl in the average dog, and should be significantly higher, in the range of 6-20 ug/dl, post-stimulation. (These numbers may vary depending on the lab.) If resting cortisol is low and the dog has no or a low response to the stimulation, the diagnosis is Addison's disease. Be aware that some glucocorticoids, such as predinsone, can affect the results of the ACTH test, while dexamtheasone does not.

Let's just hope that my test goes well and my Addison's is under control. Can't say the same about my hunger...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's been a GREAT year!

One year ago today, I came to live with Momma and Daddy. I still remember when they came to pick me up. I was hanging out with my sister...all the other sisters left. But there was one who didn't have a home to go to, so she was going to stay with our doggy Momma and Daddy for a while. She eventually found a home, don't worry. She was very cute too, so I'm sure it didn't take long.

So there I was playing with my sister and a car pulled up. "Hey, I remember you!" I thought. When I sniffed and bit the lady's toes, I remembered her for sure. It was my new Momma and Daddy!!! They looked so excited to see me and were surprised at how much I grew in 3 weeks.

Then it was time to get in the car and go to my new home. I was getting excited! Before we left, I had to have one last wrestling match with my sister. I was winning...our doggy Momma was so done with this behavior :)

Then we got into the car and left. I was ok for a little bit, but then I decided I didn't like the car much and cried. I cried until we hit the highway, then I dozed off.

It was a long ride. There was lots of napping and crying. Finally, we got home and Momma put me down in the yard so I could sniff it out and go potty. I did both, then went to meet the neighbor (these are the neighbors who had the baby bunnies living there). They were so nice and I love them to this day. I always go say hi and get a good scratch when I see them.

Momma took me in the house and there was all this stuff just for me, little Molly McFreckles: toys (LOTS of them), chew bones, a pink puppy Kong, and a big purple bed. But then I found the BEST toy...a kitty toy!!! Soon enough, I would meet one of the owners of that toy, Nala. Oh boy, Nala and I had quite the relationship, but it's better now. Nala and Winston....well, we'll see what happens there.

But the whole time I was awake and playing, something was missing: my doggy Momma and Daddy and my sisters. I looked all over for them. All over the house, all over the yard....they were nowhere to be found. I cried and cried and cried. Poor Momma, she was so upset to see me sad. No matter how hard she tried, I couldn't stop. But she's a good Momma and she slept on the sofa with me that night and made sure I was ok. In the middle of the night, I woke up next to her but she was still sleeping. No Momma, wake up! It's playtime! I started nudging her face with my nose and woke her up. She cuddled with me and we went back to sleep. She said something about it being the middle of the night or something...I dunno.

After a couple of days, I realized that it was all ok and that even though my doggy family wasn't here anymore, my people family was a pretty good substitute. Now a year later, I have my people family and a member of my doggy family (WINSTON!!!!) here with me. Life is pretty good!

...well, except for the nail clipping and vet visits. Booooo!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a Week!

I am very sorry I haven't been here writing lately. Momma went back to work last week and Winston and I have been busy sleeping and, well, sleeping. Not much to do when Momma isn't home or is upstairs in her office. Even though it seems like we didn't have much going on, A LOT happened this past week.

First, on Tuesday our house shook. I had just finished my lunch and had come in from going potty. Winston and I were in the kitchen with Momma waiting to see if she would give us more food. All of a sudden the doors and windows shook. Momma looked concerned. Momma is pretty calm, but she knew something wasn't right. When it stopped she relaxed and Winston and I went to take our nap. Later, Momma said it was an earthquake. Now keep in mind, we live in Pennsylvania. Weird. Daddy said it shook a lot at his office near Philadelphia, but our house only moved a little bit.

On Saturday, it was THAT day. Every month I have to go visit Dr. H and get my shot for my Addison's. No blood test this time, HOORAY! But Dr. H said I am gaining too much weight and need to watch my figure. So Momma has adjusted my food and I am hungry. Now when I am hungry, all I have to do is go look under the fridge to see if we lost any food under there and magically Momma gives us a snack. We eat baby carrots and healthy things like that. I really miss my peanut butter though. In 2 weeks, I have to go back to the vet for my ACTH Stimulation test. I had one of these when I was sick in the hospital. Dr. W gave me the test and it's what told her I have Addison's. This time around, it's just to see how my Addison's is doing. Momma said it will take 3 hours...boo! I guess I'll just nap.

Saturday night, ohhhh boy. We had a heck of a storm. It lasted all night! Momma was very worried. She said we were having a hurricane named Irene and it was very dangerous. There were tornadoes all around us and lots of rain and wind. We got lots of water in the basement, but it's gone now. Even though Momma was worried and upset, Winston and I were calm and cool. We slept through the while thing. Look at Winston...tornadoes all around and this boy sleeps!

Last, but not least, I am a celebrity for real! I am the latest Famous Basset Hound at "Jowls of Fury!!" Check us out here: Jowls of Fury: Famous Basset Hound Friday

What a crazy week! We are all safe and sound (and almost dry). Hopefully, this week is quiet :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boo to Petsmart...and Momma!

Today Momma tricked us. She tricked us BAD! Petsmart is my favorite place on the whole entire earth. Well, it used to be. Today we got in the car and we drove over there. I was so happy to see all my friends, including my Meagan, who I have know since I was a teeny baby. She always gives me extra hugs and treats. I don't give kisses much, but I give them to her. I just love her. So I was very happy with all the attention I was getting. As we walked through the store, a guy working there asked Momma if he could take my picture for Twitter. Momma said yes and Daddy brought Winston over so he could get in on the fun too. He took this picture and posted it on the internet. Maybe I can be a famous basset on Jowls of Fury! FYI, I am not the blurry one. That's crazy Winston...boy, is he naughty today. He had to have a baffers too because he played in his poop. He's so gross!

Anyway, after that, we went into a little room where there were 2 dogs getting their hair cut. Well we don't have to get haircuts ever, so I figured we were just there to watch. Then Momma started talking to a lady that worked there and she was asking Momma all kinds of questions. I kept hearing Winston's name, so I felt safe. THEN I heard MY name. What? What are you plotting, Momma?? Next thing I knew, Winston walked away with the lady and I heard him YELLING and SCREAMING. When he came back to Momma, he was happy, but I had no idea why he had been so upset. Daddy took him out of the room for a walk and then the lady took me away! I got nervous when she put me up on her little table and put a leash on me. Ok, what's this? She told me I had a very cute face (::blush::) and said I was a sweet girl. Then this seemingly nice lady pulled out NAIL CLIPPERS!!! WHAT? HEY!!!!! Boy, did I get mad. I growled at her and barked (I never bark!)...she wouldn't stop! So I tried to bite her, but I couldn't reach her. I wasn't going to bite hard, just enough to tell her, in no uncertain terms, that I did not like what she was doing one bit. She was tough. She made me let her clip my nails then grind them smooth. When she was finished, she told me I was a nice girl who just didn't like nail clippers. Momma felt bad that we were so naughty, but the lady didn't mind. She said if we came back every 6 weeks, then we would get used to it. I dunno about that, but I'll bet Momma will make us do that again.

So for now, I am mad at Petsmart for clipping my nails. Boo Petsmart and especially BOOO MOMMA!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Little Bro

Some of you already know Winston, but some of you may not. Winston is my little brother (though he's almost as big as me now!). No, he REALLY is my brother...we have the same doggy mom and dad, but we are just from different litters. Crazy, isn't it?! I think it's kinda cool. How did all this happen? Well, here's Winston's story.

Momma was quite happy just having me. "One puppy is enough!" Momma said. But Daddy disagreed. He told her, "Molly needs a friend!" Momma argued against it, since she's the one who is always around taking care of me. She wasn't up for a second puppy...or WAS SHE? On a whim, she checked in with the breeder where I came from and found out that my doggy momma and daddy had another litter of cute basset babies. She looked at the pics the breeder provided and there he was...a cute little boy who was the same color as me and had a silly snout that was half brown and half white. Finally, she broke down and made an appointment to go see this puppy.

So one day, Momma and Daddy got in the car to go see the little guy...and they took me! Turns out the breeder wanted them to bring me so she could visit me. Momma explained that I would get to see my doggy momma and daddy, and also meet my new baby brother. MY WHAT??? NO ONE ASKED ME IF I WANTED A BABY BROTHER!!! As you can see, I was a little concerned by this prospect:
So we spent a loooong time in the car and when we finally got there, I was greeted by my doggy mom and dad, who were so happy to see me. I was very, very happy to see them. We played a little and mostly just sniffed each other and everything around.

That's me on the leash nosing my momma...daddy is looking at the camera.

While we were doing that, Momma was having her heart stolen by this little guy:

He was four weeks old and grunted at Momma the whole time she held him. "Molly, what do you think of this guy? Should he come live with us?" I just sniffed him and went back to playing. Whatever, Momma. Winston continued to grunt. We left, but we didn't take any puppies with us. I was hopeful. Maybe all his grunting told Momma that he should stay where he is.

THEN, 4 weeks later, it was back in the car...for a long, long time. What's up? Are we going to Petsmart? The park? The lake? The lake is kinda far away...we must be going there! When the car stopped, we were back at a very familiar place. Then I saw my doggy momma and daddy. Happy day!! Waaaaait a minute! Out pranced all these puppies and they all ran over to me! I didn't know what to do! Momma and Daddy chatted with the breeder lady and then we got in the car...WITH A PUPPY! Momma! What did you do?! Well, I hopped in the front seat and sat next to Daddy, while Momma sat in the back with the puppy from before. You guessed it - the grunter. Well, before we were even on the highway, I looked back and saw this:

He stayed like that the whole way home. I, however, let my feelings be known...by pooping in the car. HA! Take that Momma, Daddy, and Captain Grunty-pants!

When we got home, I begrudgingly showed Winston the yard that he would learn to poop and pee in. Then we went inside and I showed him where the water was, where the food is when it's dinner, and where the toys and our (MY!) dog bed was. He wandered around sniffing everything and even annoyed our orange kitty Nala (he still does this to this day). But we were both tired, so we did this:

I pretended I didn't like him for about 2 days, but then I decided that he was kinda fun. We would chase each other around the house and play with our toys. Momma would take us for walks and to Petsmart. Now here we are, 5 months later and we are still best friends...even though he bugs me sometimes. We do everything together. We even drink out of the water bowl at the same time. I guess Momma and Daddy knew what they were doing when they brought Winston home.

So how did Winston get his name? Well, that depends on who you ask - Momma or Daddy. Daddy always said if they ever got a boy basset, they would have to name him Winston. Daddy knows a grown-up basset named Winston and said he was really cool. I guess big Winston made Daddy like bassets. Apparently this guy can sit on his bum with his front feet in the air. Little Winston can't do that...yet! Me? HA! Forget that!

If you ask Momma, it's a whole other story. Momma is a history professor and she loves Winston Churchill. She says he was a smart, sassy, and stubborn Prime Minister of England during World War II. I know a lot about history from Momma. Also, John Lennon's middle name was Winston. Momma loves the Beatles. She says Winston does too! When she had to take him in the car to the vet to get his stitches out, he cried and cried until she turned on the Beatles. Then he was completely quiet. He has good taste!

So that's our story. Me and my baby bro are best friends for life!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How I got my name...

I forgot to tell you this part of the story. Ever wonder how I got my name Molly McFreckles? Well, after Momma and Daddy decided to get a new friend and they had fallen in love with my picture, they decided to name me. They hadn't even met me yet! But Momma has a good sense about these things and she looked at my picture and tried to come up with a name that suited me AND that Daddy liked. She had all kinds of crazy ideas, but she said she kept coming back to the name "Molly." Finally, she suggested it to Daddy and he liked it immediately. So there they were, on Cape Cod and they decided to take a walk around downtown Falmouth (where they were staying at my Aunt's house). They stopped in for lunch at an Irish pub called "Liam Maguire's"...Momma and Daddy love Irish pubs. Momma is Irish...Daddy can vouch for this, since she has that Irish temper.

Anyway, they were sitting in the pub having lunch and drinking Smithwick's beer. They started discussing my name and Daddy said how much he liked the name "Molly." Momma said it needed a little flair, since Molly is a common name (I say that's because IT ROCKS!!). Then she said, "How about Molly McFreckles, since she has a spotted nose and some freckles in her white fur?" Daddy loved it...and I was named Molly McFreckles!!

That's how it happened...I was named in an Irish pub on Cape Cod.

True Story...

Yesterday was Momma's last puppy's birthday. Zoey would have been 13, but she went to the bridge a little over a year ago. That's a sad thing. Momma thinks of her a lot...I mean A LOT! But there's always a silver lining, right? Because she lost Zoey, I got to come live with Momma. She was so sad and the house was so quiet...the kind of quiet that can make you crazy (even Winston and his tearing around the house until 1:00 this morning is still better than this type of quiet), so Momma decided that she needed another puppy to bring some life back into the house. Not a replacement for Zoey, but a new friend. So while Momma and Daddy were on vacation on Cape Cod last year (this week last year, in fact), they firmly decided that there would be a new puppy when they got home. They had been talking about it and decided that a Basset Hound was the perfect dog for them (uhhh duh!) and they even found the breeder where I was born. They got pictures of the puppies and instantly fell in love with me (and who wouldn't). They emailed the breeder from vacation and set up an appointment to come meet me the day after they got home.

Momma and Daddy had to drive an hour and a half to meet me. There was a really bad thunderstorm and it was a tough drive, but they got here just as it ended. They were feeling a lot of guilt for going to pick out a puppy so soon after losing Zoey, but Momma said she saw a rainbow in the sky as she got out of the car and decided that it was a message from Zoey. Zoey was telling them that it's ok to get a new friend, since she can't be here anymore. That made them feel better about everything.

I was 5 weeks old, so I couldn't leave my doggy Momma (her name is Dahlia...Daddy is named Buster). But I remember when Momma and Daddy walked in. We were in our doggy area and were allowed out to play since the rain had stopped. My doggy parents checked out Momma and Daddy and decided they were ok. So that's when we got to play. Well, I had 4 sisters (no brothers in this litter) and they all ran out into the yard. I stayed behind and nibbled on Momma's toes and her nice leather Kate Spade bag. Momma just laughed and said I had good taste (then took the bag away...boo Momma!). After that, I took a nice big poop and pee and set about winning Momma's heart. It didn't take long and before I knew it, I had a new home that I would be going to in 3 weeks. I knew I'd miss my doggy parents and my sisters, but these people seemed ok.

That was a year ago this week...I'll continue the rest of the story later. Until then, this is what I looked like when I met Momma and Daddy. I was a cute little bugger!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Not too long ago, I was scared of thunder. Momma was worried about this because it was only June and there was a lot of summer left...that means there were a lot of thunderstorms to come. Well, I am NOT a baby anymore now that I am 1 years old (even though Momma still calls me a puppy...sigh). I even eat big dog food now! No more puppy food for me! Annnnd I don't have potty accidents at night anymore! I don't even chew on things that aren't mine (unlike a certain little brother who will remain nameless). I was NOT the one who chewed a chunk out of the corner of the coffee table last week...WINSTON! See, I am not a puppy.

So since I am not a puppy, I am no longer afraid of silly things like thunderstorms. I've been in this world long enough to know that the thunder isn't going to get me. It's outside and I am inside. Besides, the door is locked, right? I usually sleep through the thunder now and, ok, I do wake up and look around to make sure everything is fine, but it's NOT because I am scared. I was even outside during thunder the other week, and nope, I didn't care one bit. Momma is very happy about this because this will help keep my Addison's in line. She doesn't have to worry if it storms while she's away.

See, I'm not a puppy. I'm all grown up!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Action!

Winston got his stitches taken out last Friday. We've been so busy catching up on all of our playing that I've been too tired to blog.

When he came home from getting his surgery, my baby brother was walking like a drunken sailor (that's what Momma said, but I have no idea what that means). He came right into the living room and found the chew stick I picked out for him. Momma said she wanted him to have that so that he'd forget about his stitches. He laid down to chew on it, but this happened:

Don't you just love his blue camouflage bandage??

Dr. W did his surgery. She was the nice doctor who diagnosed my Addison's last month. I told Winston he was so lucky to have her taking care of him because she saved my life!

After Winston woke up from his nap, he was a lot happier. He didn't want to play, so I took the opportunity to explain to him how our Momma works. You see, she hates the cone of shame as much as we do, so if he promises to leave his stitches alone, she won't use it. He listened to me and promised to behave (except for the next morning when he was poking around at them and Momma threatened to use the cone...he shaped up real quick). Momma never had to put the cone on him. Good boy, Winston!! So we got back to playing the next day and he never seemed bothered by the surgery. I got a UTI two days after mine, but Winston had no problems at all. The only thing that was different from normal was that we couldn't go for walks. Momma was worried about him overdoing it or getting an infection.

So his stitches came out last Friday, like I said. He's been crazy Winston ever since. Now it's been too hot to go for walks...110 degrees!! Momma said we'd all be sick. It's cooling off, so once I get my Vectra (for fleas) we can go to the big field. I can't wait!!!! Goose poop, here I come!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My family lives in a twin house and the people next door are really, really nice. When Momma and Daddy lost their last dog a little over a year ago to a stroke, the neighbors were very sad too. Almost as sad as Momma and Daddy were. I didn't know the other dog, but Momma loved her very much. I am a healing puppy, she said. Daddy agreed to let me come live with them because Momma was so, so sad. She still gets teary, but I make it better...so she tells me. Glad I could help :)

Anyway, the neighbors let me run in their yard and play. They let me come over and say hi and I get lots of scratches. Only rule, I am not allowed to poop there (Momma's rule!!). So for the last couple of days, something has smelled REALLY good over in this one spot. I found a graham cracker last week (confiscated by Momma...BOOOOO), but this smell is different. It's a smell I know from the park, the lake, and the big field. It's not goose poop...it's something else. Today, I figured it out!

We have lots of bunnies around here, but I never bother them. Today, I found where their babies live. Momma says I can't go in the neighbor's yard until the bunnies are grown up and leave. She says that even though I am a kind and gentle soul (oh Momma, you are embarrassing me!), I am still a basset hound and my hunting instincts may take over. It's better that I stay away. Sigh. I just want to play, Momma!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping...hmmm...I could get used to this

So Saturday was my birthday. I am 1 year old now! Momma says I'm still a puppy and always will be. Momma baked cupcakes for me and I got to share one with Winston. I also got a chew bone and a stuffed elephant with rope ears. Perfect for playing tug with my baby brother (if he EVER lets me play with it).

We also went camping over the weekend. I didn't know what that was, but Momma said I'd like it. We got in the car and drove to the woods. When we got there, we saw kids and other dogs! Then Daddy put these stakes in the ground and we got tied to them on leads so that he and Momma could unpack the car. It was so hot, but we got water and found some shade to sleep in.

At dinner, Momma and Daddy made hot dogs and Winston and I shared one. I think Momma put my pills in mine...she's so sneaky. Then we settled down and watched the campfire. At bedtime, Momma, Daddy, Winston, and I all slept in the big tent. I was a little scared of all the noises when it got dark, but Winston didn't care at all! He crawled into bed and slept between Momma and Daddy all night. I think he tried kicking Daddy out of bed. Silly Winston. I paced around for a while because I was scared, but Momma sat with me and I eventually just fell asleep...I was so tired. In the morning, we got up and had breakfast and then went for a walk. It was getting really hot, so Momma and Daddy packed up and we went home. Momma said that the next time we camp, it will be longer. She just wanted to see how Winston and I did. We did well, so we get to go again. MORE HOT DOGS!!!

It's Mommy and Molly Day!

Winston is at the vet. For a change, it isn't ME!! I am always there getting a shot or getting my blood tested. EVERY time, they stick that thing up my bum and say I'm "normal." I could have told them that! They didn't need to get fresh with me!

Anyway, Winston is getting surgery on his boy parts because Momma said "It's time." I remember when she said that about me and I had surgery. For once, I actually feel bad for Winston. Hopefully he leaves his stitches alone like I did and then he won't have to wear the "cone of shame." I'll have to explain that to him when he comes home.

So since he isn't here, it's just Momma and I (and the cats, but whatever). After breakfast, Momma and I played and then I napped while she caught up on yesterday's "The Young and the Restless." Momma loves that show...it's her guilty pleasure. Sticks are mine. Then she cleaned my ears and we went to Petsmart. I got 2 treats from them and lots of belly rubs. I also got called a corgi by some lady who obviously knows nothing about dogs. A corgi? Really? Sigh. After that we looked at the kittens up for adoption and then I peed on the floor. They guy working there said it was ok and Momma cleaned it up. She's getting good at that since I started taking Prednisone. She never makes me feel bad about it either. We picked out at chew stick for me and one for Winston. Now I am back home to nap in the cool house. It's so hot out. Momma wanted to take me to the lake, but she says the heat is so bad that I might get sick. Oh well.

Now we wait for the phone call saying Winston can come home. Momma asked them to do laser surgery on him so that he won't have too much pain. She did the same for me and I was back to my old self almost right away. I hope Winston feels better soon so we can wrestle again. I was just getting back to normal myself from my Addison's episode last month and my stomach bug last week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Momma Better Make Me a Cake!!

Momma went and left me for 2 days! She went to a place called Massachusetts. Sounds like "chew" doesn't it? She should have taken me...I'm good at chewing!

Daddy was at work all day, so it was just me and Winston all day long. We slept because there's nothing to do when Momma isn't home. Sleep, sleep, sleep...we are quite good at that! Daddy isn't into playing like Momma is. She says he works hard and is tired at the end of the day. I think he's full of poop (like Winston!) because he works in an office. He needs to play more. Maybe he needs to run around the big field like Winston and I do. He should try the goose poop too!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday, or so Momma says. She says I am going to be 1. I hope she buys me presents and makes me a cake. I'm a good girl, so I deserve it. Momma also keeps saying that word "camping" again. She put the tent and some other stuff in the car. I think something is happening, but I don't know what. Is she going to Massachusetts again?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Yucky Fourth

I told Momma that I would be taking over the blog so she can get us ready for camping. I feel better about this whole camping thing since Momma told me there would be hot dogs and NO FIREWORKS!

My Fourth of July was NOT fun...NOT AT ALL!!!! I had a belly ache on Sunday and on Monday it was very very bad. Momma made me some boiled chicken and rice because I needed to eat to take my pill for my Addison's. I threw up an hour and a half later and was grumpy toward Momma. I tried to bite her. I must have been really sick because I'd never hurt Momma. She wasn't mad...in fact, she got even more worried and took me to the emergency vet (my vet was closed). The doctor there was really nice and everyone was scratching my belly. They tested my blood to make sure it wasn't my Addison's. It wasn't and Momma was so happy. I thought she was going to dance...no one wants to see that! So the doctor gave me pills for my belly and I got to go home. I stopped pooping and throwing up, but I still don't feel like my old self. I'm getting there. Now Momma said she might have to go away for 2 days to Massachusetts and I am very sad. Daddy is home, but he works ALL DAY. Momma is always home with us. I don't want her to go. Who will play with me and sing me stupid songs?

So I started feeling better once we were home, but the terrible day wasn't over. When it was my bedtime, lots of loud booms started. Momma said they were fireworks that our town has in the park. She said they last 30 minutes and we would just play until they were over. They were loud and I didn't want to play! So Momma and I sat on the floor watching TV and cuddling. Then they were over and I went to sleep. Momma said I did well...I really tried.

See, I need my Momma home with me. She can't go to Massachusetts!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Momma has been busy wrapping up the summer class she was teaching and handed the blog over to me. I mean, it is MY blog...even has my name at the top! So, I went to the vet today. It's been 28 days since my diagnosis and I was due for my shot to control this crazy Addison's. Dr. W wasn't there, so I saw Dr. H. He's an ok guy...he owns the place and threw the puppy parties I used to go to before I got my big dog teeth. He said I am doing well and I don't need to come back until July 29 for my next shot. Then he gave me treats. I think we'll keep him around :)

But even better news: today Momma made an appointment for Winston to get his boy parts removed. The best part is that I get a whole day without him. That means I have Momma all to MYSELF. All the toys are mine too! Momma says she'll miss him that day, but she'll be fine. She has me...what more could she want?? I guess I'll miss him too. He's fun to pick on. I mean, I love my brother, but...ugh...boys!

Momma says there are big boxes coming in the mail tomorrow. She said it's stuff for this thing called "camping"...whatever that is. Should I be nervous?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Crazy Train is Back!

Molly's feeling much much better...and Winston is glad. So am I, of course. It's been a couple of rough weeks for both dogs, but for very different reasons. Molly hasn't felt well enough to play rough for quite some time and when you have a 5 month old puppy nagging at you to wrestle, well, there was a lot of growling and snapping. Winston learned and left her alone, but turned to me to play. Poor boy, I don't play like a puppy no matter how hard I try.

Today, the Crazy Train was in full force as Molly and Winston chased and wrestled their way back and forth through the house several times over. Now, I have a happy Molly and a (somewhat) well-behaved Winston. At least he's well-behaved for now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Vet? Again?

Back in the car this morning for our trip to the vet. Today we checked the electrolytes again and good news: all is well! Yay Molly! The ear infection is clearing up too. I cleaned buppy ears last night and Molly's were great. Winston, well he has the dirtiest ears on the planet. I have a feeling he's going to be prone to infections, so I must be diligent. Pupperonis make him submit to my sticking a wet cotton ball in his ear. Wet Willies of the worst kind!

So Molly is learning to love the car. It takes her to places like the lake, the park, Petsmart, Grandma & Grandpa's house (lots of cookies and there's even a fat kitty to chase). She really doesn't even mind the vet. She gets lots of attention there (good and less-than-good) and she's learned where the doctor keeps the treats in the exam room. Not too fond of the thermometer up the bum, but who can blame her. So she's less whiny in the car. However, as soon as we get on the highway, she slouches in the seat and looks like the end of the world is near. Daddy says it's because bassets aren't meant to go that fast. I'm just happy she doesn't puke on the seats.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to the Vet Tomorrow

Molly goes in for her second recheck tomorrow morning. We'll check her electrolytes and see how she's doing since she has been cut back to one Prednisone per day. She's still eating, drinking, and piddling a lot, but her dosage was just cut back Monday. She still must have a good deal of the Pred in her system. I'm ready for the accidents to decrease...so is my Swiffer Wet Jet. Those things are a godsend when you have a puppy...never mind TWO puppies.

In the meantime, she's chewed the fur off of a small spot on her front leg. Not sure what that's about, but we'll show it to the doctor.

Off to clean some buppy ears!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Go or Not to Go?

A new dog park opened near us. Fifteen minute drive and we are there. Today I went and scoped it out, without Double Trouble. It would be good for them to run free, as we don't have a fenced yard. Overprotective Momma is sitting on my shoulder saying "NO NO NO! What if some dog hurts your babies?!" Ugh, I don't know what to do. I'll keep you posted.

Popping the Bubble

I'm an overprotective momma. So when I learned that Molly's Addison's is triggered by stress, my first reaction was to shield her from stress for the rest of her life. Until she was diagnosed, I believed that the best way to handle her puppy fear period was to expose her to stressors and teach her that she was safe and did not need to be afraid. Well, Addison's threw a wrench into this plan and now I find myself in ultra-protective mode. I vowed never to let her be alone during a thunderstorm. I'd murder anyone who dropped anything in my house and made her usually-upright tail retreat between her legs. And when Fourth of July fireworks come along, well, we'd retreat to a deserted corner of the world where they never ever heard of fireworks!

Then I realized how ridiculous I am being. Last weekend, I found myself an hour and a half from home with a thunderstorm aiming for my house. I'd never beat it and surely Molly would be a mess when I got home. So I gave up worrying and hoped for the best. When I got home, she was perfectly fine. Of course she was...it's me who is the maniac!

So I am learning that Molly has a long life of facing potential stressors. One thing I have learned about her is that she mirrors my moods. If I am upset, she is upset. All I can do is keep my wits about me and try to calm her when something is upsetting.

Perhaps she and I can take up meditation. Doubtful that I can get Winston to join in. Boys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Follow Up

Molly went to the vet on Friday for a recheck. Dr. W ran a blood test and Molly's electrolytes are back where they need to be. She gained her lost weight back and is eating like a champ. Even the playing has returned, much to Winston's satisfaction. As of yesterday, we are down to 1 Prednisone each day, so hopefully her water consumption will not be as high and the potty accidents will decrease.

Back to the vet this Friday for another progress check. We are beginning to settle into life with Addison's.

What is this thing called Addison's? Why does my puppy have it?

Molly is 11 months old...far too young to be diagnosed with a chronic disease. She's the sweetest, most loving puppy you'll ever meet. But on Memorial Day, she fell ill. A thunderstorm woke me up early in the morning. Molly and her 5 month old brother Winston (they really are siblings...same parents!) were sleeping downstairs. I listened, but didn't hear them stirring, so I went back to sleep. They never seemed too bothered by storms, unless they were outside.

The morning went by uneventfully, as Molly seemed relatively unaffected by the storm. We were going away for the afternoon, so I was busy getting ready to leave. I took the pups outside one last time before leaving. As luck would have it, while Molly is outside, our town's parade passed at the end of the street. Oh boy, she didn't appreciate that, so I rushed her in the house so she could calm down. After it was over, I tried taking her out one last time, but she wouldn't leave the porch. Rather than force the issue and make her more stressed, I cut my losses and thought I'd just deal with the mess she'd inevitably make. She seemed fine, so we went on with our plans for the day.

Arriving home around dinner time, we found a bit of a potty accident (expected) as well as a slightly out-of-sorts Molly. The Legion post near our house does a gun salute on Memorial Day...ugh, this is surely contributing to her stress! Winston was scheduled to go to the vet the next morning for his last round of puppy shots, so I thought I'd call and see if I could take Molly instead. She wouldn't eat, she seemed uncomfortable, and she vomited.

The next morning, I called the vet and they managed to get me an additional appointment after Winston's. So I wrangled the two of them into the car and down to the vet. The vet thought Molly may have eaten something she shouldn't have, as she was just exhibiting symptoms of a yucky belly. We did a round of x-rays to make sure there was no blockage (there was nothing), gave her fluids under the skin (sometimes that's all it takes!), and some anti-nausea meds. I was happy with the course of treatment and we all went home. That evening, Molly still wouldn't eat but instead vomited again. I paged the vet who called me right back. My vet is a small, but very good operation, but they're limited in after-hours services. She told me that if Molly vomited again, to take her to the vet near my house who had 24-hour emergency care. I mentioned that Molly was trembling. Perhaps it's because she's in pain. Some dogs do this. At 11:30 PM, Molly vomited again, so off to the ER we went. The doctor there also thought it was a gastrointestinal issue and treated it appropriately. Again, I felt the correct course was being taken and we went home with more fluids, a shot of anti-nausea meds, and an antibiotic in case this was viral.

The next day (Wednesday), we spent a quiet day at home and Molly didn't seem any worse, nor did she seem any better (the vomiting never returned). However, she still wasn't eating and this was really concerning me. Her trembling continued. I decided that if she wouldn't eat breakfast the next morning, I was taking her back to the vet.

Thursday morning, she turned her nose up at all food I gave her. Boiled chicken, rice, dog food, everything! That's not my Molly. I called the vet and they said to drop her off and they'll check her out and monitor her all day. That sounded like a plan to me. The vet called about an hour after drop-off to ask me specifics about Molly's behavior and said she would call in a bit. Within an hour she called back. "I think Molly has something called Addison's Disease." Wait, what? I've heard of it, but knew nothing about it. Dr. W. spent the next half hour on the phone explaining what it was, how it was treated, and reassuring me that Molly has every chance to live a long, happy life. I processed most of what she said, but knew I'd have so many questions. Bottom line, they were going to test her for that and confirm it, treat her, then hopefully release her the next day. Turns out, her adrenal glands don't produce enough hormones/chemicals and this causes her issues. What is Addison's Disease?

She was spending the night in the hospital, so I went to visit her...armed with all her favorites: Chicken, Pupperoni, peanut butter, and some dog food (have to be a good dog momma, after all). She'd had a dose of steroids, but was still looking a bit rough. It was all she needed to get back on the right path and onward to recovery. She ate the peanut butter, devoured the chicken, and enjoyed the Pupperoni. Dog food...blech! Who wants that? I spent time with her, talking and cuddling, then left her to rest. Friday morning, she was officially diagnosed with Addison's and was starting to feel better with her second dose of meds. I picked her up in the afternoon and we were both relieved.

Molly is only 11 months, younger than most dogs that are diagnosed with Addison's. She takes a daily dose of Prednisone and a monthly injection of Percorten-V, which I will administer. The key now is to understand what triggers her stress and learn to anticipate situations where she'll need that extra boost of Pred to prevent a crisis. I also must be vigilant about recognizing and acting on signs of crisis before they become serious. It's a new experience and there's a lot to learn. Molly and I are up for the challenge.