Sunday, August 7, 2011

True Story...

Yesterday was Momma's last puppy's birthday. Zoey would have been 13, but she went to the bridge a little over a year ago. That's a sad thing. Momma thinks of her a lot...I mean A LOT! But there's always a silver lining, right? Because she lost Zoey, I got to come live with Momma. She was so sad and the house was so quiet...the kind of quiet that can make you crazy (even Winston and his tearing around the house until 1:00 this morning is still better than this type of quiet), so Momma decided that she needed another puppy to bring some life back into the house. Not a replacement for Zoey, but a new friend. So while Momma and Daddy were on vacation on Cape Cod last year (this week last year, in fact), they firmly decided that there would be a new puppy when they got home. They had been talking about it and decided that a Basset Hound was the perfect dog for them (uhhh duh!) and they even found the breeder where I was born. They got pictures of the puppies and instantly fell in love with me (and who wouldn't). They emailed the breeder from vacation and set up an appointment to come meet me the day after they got home.

Momma and Daddy had to drive an hour and a half to meet me. There was a really bad thunderstorm and it was a tough drive, but they got here just as it ended. They were feeling a lot of guilt for going to pick out a puppy so soon after losing Zoey, but Momma said she saw a rainbow in the sky as she got out of the car and decided that it was a message from Zoey. Zoey was telling them that it's ok to get a new friend, since she can't be here anymore. That made them feel better about everything.

I was 5 weeks old, so I couldn't leave my doggy Momma (her name is Dahlia...Daddy is named Buster). But I remember when Momma and Daddy walked in. We were in our doggy area and were allowed out to play since the rain had stopped. My doggy parents checked out Momma and Daddy and decided they were ok. So that's when we got to play. Well, I had 4 sisters (no brothers in this litter) and they all ran out into the yard. I stayed behind and nibbled on Momma's toes and her nice leather Kate Spade bag. Momma just laughed and said I had good taste (then took the bag Momma!). After that, I took a nice big poop and pee and set about winning Momma's heart. It didn't take long and before I knew it, I had a new home that I would be going to in 3 weeks. I knew I'd miss my doggy parents and my sisters, but these people seemed ok.

That was a year ago this week...I'll continue the rest of the story later. Until then, this is what I looked like when I met Momma and Daddy. I was a cute little bugger!


  1. Molly, you were ADORABLE! And hearing about Zoey made me sooo sad...but I'm so happy you're there to make your mama and daddy happy! Bowser was way too small to go home with us, but we didn't know that at the time...he was a day under six weeks! When I met him and his brothers and sisters, they all crowded around me with kisses and toe bites. After a few minutes, it was obvious this one girl was the boss..she was telling everyone what to do! There was also a little boy who was exploring and very cute...but Bowser and his other sister decided they wanted to put their heads in my lap and stay with me. They looked JUST alike except bowser had a pink nose...that and i wanted a boy made me go in his direction, and when he watched me the whole time he was chewing on his breeders couch, i knew he'd never leave my side! Now, I wonder if having a pink nose means bad genetics? LOL but Molly you were just a little peach and still are! And Bowser is of course my little dear. Bowser says: "Mama, I's an mowwy hab da most wub to gib cuz we were da cutest ones who lubed our mamas an wanted to go home wif dem! an pink noses are cool mama =P" I can't argue with him i guess!

  2. I've wondered about Molly's genetics too. She's got shorter ears than most bassets and one toe that never grew a nail. Then when her Addison's was diagnosed, I was confident all these things are related, as it means that her adrenal glands don't function correctly. I'm just glad we have her because she will always have the care she needs with regard to the Addison's. I've read so many stories of people giving up their dogs because they can't handle the disorder...financially or other reasons. It's a disease that needs constant monitoring, both at home and through a vet, if the dog is to live a normal life.

    Bowser, Molly says you are right! She didn't want to go play with her sisters because she wanted to play with her Momma. She knew she had a job to do in healing our family after Zoey passed, and she has done a fine, fine, job. And pink noses are the best!

  3. Awww, you are a healing puppy Molly and you made your family very, very happy!

    hee hee... Molleee and Bowsah-- you two are cute together!

    Molleee-- what a cute, cute puppy pic!