Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas?

I was looking forward to Christmas so much, and I guess it was ok. We were thinking a lot about the hounds we know on the forum that went to the bridge this past year. Lots of sadness for their families. But we also thought a lot about the friends that are still here and we were hoping they got lots of gifts from Santa Paws, even if they were less-than-well-behaved.

Santa made it to our house. We were all sound asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve. We woke up a little late on Christmas morning, but hey, it was Momma's and Daddy's day off and we thought they deserved to sleep in. Momma got up and made cinnamon rolls, but we didn't get any. BOOO Momma! We didn't even get to open our presents until the afternoon. Momma, Daddy, Winston, and I all got lots of gifts, but I think the commotion was too much. There was wrapping paper all over the living room, lots of noise and chaos. I got scared and hid behind the chair. Momma stopped all the commotion when she realized I was upset. She cleaned up all the paper and petted me. She told me I could come out and that everything was going to be ok. I wasn't so sure about that. I thought I might just stay behind the chair for a bit.

Finally, I came out and Momma said she was sorry that it got so crazy. She didn't think it would bother me too much, but she was wrong. I spent some time playing with my new toys. Winston and I each got a stuffed toy, a beefy bone, little peanut butter treats, a nylabone, and a squirrel-shaped cookie (Winston got his squirrel!) - all in all, a good bunch of gifts. Momma said that we can't have all our treats at once. That just makes Christmas last longer.

So I spent some time with that beefy bone, then had dinner and napped for the evening. Momma felt better when I ate dinner - she knew my Addison's was not flaring up. She was scared for a bit. She said that it was a good reminder that I am still an Addison's dog even though I am doing ok on my medicine. I guess we are all still new to this and learning what scares me, and how we need to cope with it.

I guess it was a Merry Christmas after all!

PS - No good pictures, as we failed to cooperate. Imagine!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for Santa Paws

Winston's being kind of naughty today, and I reminded him that Santa would be here tonight and he'd better behave. Then he chased the kitty. I've resorted to showing him this:

Santa Tracker

Hope it works in keeping my baby bro out of trouble.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Treats - Part 2

Momma has been working hard at her job lately. She had a bunch of classes to teach this semester and when one of the other professors left, she had to take over one of his classes too. Momma has been working so hard that she hasn't had as much time for us as we'd like. But now it's break time and Momma has a month off of work. Yay Momma!!!!

Now she is going to get serious with this treat-making thing. She has this nifty new dehydrator and she loves it, and so do we! She made dried apples the other day and I think it's our favorite treat so far. We've had bananas, sweet potatoes, and apples so far. She's going to start making cookies for us too. I think Momma is also going to get some hot dogs for us at the farmer's market and dry that as well.

So my dear basset friends, I want to share with you. The other day, I got a package in the mail from my dear sweet Bowsah and it was cookies! I was so excited to get this package and open it up - now I want to share that excitement with you all. So guys, let me know if you want any dried treats. You can email my Momma at mgeorge25@gmail.com and let us know what you want and where to send it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winston's Christmas List

My baby bro is about to learn about Christmas. He did a little over the weekend when we met creepy Santa at Petsmart. This guy was rude - he said (in not so many words) that I was fat. Excuse me skinny, grody Santa, but I have Addison's Disease and my medicine makes me chubby looking. I am watching my figure, but some things can't be helped. I'm never speaking to Santa again. Keep your stupid toys!

But Winston made a list anyway. I think we need to boycott Santa and just ask Momma to give us our presents. Here's what Winston wants for Christmas:
  • To play with Nala the orange kitty
  • Cat food
  • Cheese
  • A new Nylabone
  • Lunch (we only get breakfast and dinner now!)
  • The squirrels that live in the neighbor's tree
  • His own sofa
  • More stuffed toys
  • Potato chips
His list is pretty simple. He says he has the best thing in the world already: a big sister who loves to play with him. I do love the little guy and missed him when he had to go to the doctor yesterday. My baby bro is the best guy in the whole world :)

I didn't do it, Momma!

Winston got hurt, but I swear it's not my fault!

He hurt his right hip and was very grumpy on Sunday night. He was limping earlier that day and by bedtime, he was hurting pretty bad. All I was doing was laying on the sofa, ready to call it a night, and he ran up and started showing his teeth and barking angrily in my face. I showed my teeth back, but that only made him madder. Momma stepped in and he did it to her too! She has a way of telling us, in no uncertain terms, that you DO NOT act like that to Momma. She looks us straight in the eye and gets her "stern Momma" voice. Then she waits for us to calm down and we get hugs. I learned a long time ago that Momma doesn't take that kind of attitude. Winston is learning.

But Momma knew Winston wasn't being mean. He was up all night because he couldn't get comfortable. He kept crying in pain. Finally, he climbed on the sofa with me and went to sleep. Momma took him to see Dr. W in the morning and she said that Winston only pulled a muscle and should heal in about a week. He is on medicine for pain and he's feeling better. As long as his limp goes away, he doesn't need to go back to the vet. The bad part is, he isn't allowed to run around and play. Booooo! I try to get him to play - I bark and stomp my feet (that's Molly-speak for "GAME ON, LITTLE BRO!"), but he is a good boy and won't wrestle and chase me. I can't wait for him to get better so we can play! I am so BORED!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homemade Treats!

Momma bought a dehydrator last weekend and it got here a couple of days ago. I saw it and thought, "Jeez Momma, why did you buy that big ugly thing when you already complain that we have too much junk in this little house of ours?" Then she said something about making treats for me...and Winston. Well, there it sat for days and days. I would go check on it to see if there were any treats in it, but it was always empty. I thought we got ripped off by the people who sold that silly thing to my Momma.

Then this morning came and Momma got up early (we were hungry and crying). After we pottied and had breakfast, Momma started making lots of noise in the kitchen and it started to smell like food. People food. Hours and hours later, we had treats! We had nice little sweet potato snacks. We never had them before and Winston and I spit them out at first. THESE ARE NOT PUPPERONIS, MOMMA! But we got used to them and now we can't get enough! Momma made so many that she is going to share with a doggy that belongs to a lady at her work. I told her she needs to share with my basset friends :) Now we are trying to convince her to make banana snacks. She said next weekend when she is off.

What kinds of dried treats do you all like, my basset friends??