Saturday, October 29, 2011


Momma says we are getting snow today. Now, I remember last winter when I was still a baby we had snow. It was fun for a little while, but then it was just cold and wet and annoying. My belly used to get very cold when I would go outside to potty. I don't think I want the snow to come today...or ever!

Winston is only a baby (even though he's almost as big as me) and he doesn't know what snow is. He was born on February 7th, so if there was any snow, he was too tiny to be out in it. I've been telling Winston all about snow for a while now, but he doesn't quite understand. Today, he will learn all about it for real. Just you wait, Winston, you're going to have a cold belly too!

My crazy little brother will probably like this stupid snow!

PS: These pictures are from when I still loved snow. Now, BOOOOO SNOW!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Me, Again!

I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging. Momma is at work a lot and she takes the laptop with her everyday. When she isn't at work, she's at home doing work. All she does is work! Poor Momma :(

So here I am, back to tell you some wonderful news: I went to the vet today (It's Addison's Day!) and they weighed me. I didn't gain ANY weight. I didn't lose any either...but I didn't gain any!

And Daddy taught us a new trick. Every morning, Momma leaves for work before Daddy and it's his job to take us out to go potty one last time before he leaves. This way, Momma can stay late and help students who like to come see her in her office as she is about to go home for the day. Well, if we potty for Daddy, she can work later. We try not to potty for Daddy...ever.

Anyway, so when we do go potty, Daddy gives us a little bit of Pupperoni. Winston has been working on taking cookies nicely, but I think he gets so excited that he can't help it. I used to be like that, but Momma taught me to be a nice girl. Winston takes things from Momma like a good boy, but he won't do that for Daddy. So Daddy started tossing the Pupperoni in the air and Winston learned to catch it. Daddy taught me the same trick! I'm better at it than there, Little Brother!

Oh yeah, and Momma gave me my Percorten shot today. I am very confused by this. She TAKES me to the vet, but now she's acting like she IS the vet...with those sharp needles. BOO Vet Momma! Bring back my other Momma!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I wanna be like Bowsah!

So I have a really good friend named Bowser. I've never met him nose to nose, but I know him from the Basset Hound Forum. Some of you who read my blog know who he is. He's about the cutest thing since, well, me! He has this adorable way of "talking" (he calls me "Mowwy")and you can see what I mean by looking at his very own blog: Baby Bowsah's Bwog

Anyway, Bowsah's Momma has a Facebook page and she lets all Bowsah's friends go and look at pictures. She has pictures of fish and some other animals that I never saw in my little doggy life. She also has lots of pictures of Bowser. I like looking at his picture because he's so cute! So, all this got me thinking. My Momma has a Facebook page and she has lots of pictures of me...and Winston. So I talked Momma into it...she says I can post a link to her pictures of us. Here it is: My Momma's Facebook pictures

Let me know if it doesn't let you see them and I'll have Momma work on fixing it. You gotta see me...I am ADORABLE. So is Winston (he really is, I can't deny it!)