Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Action!

Winston got his stitches taken out last Friday. We've been so busy catching up on all of our playing that I've been too tired to blog.

When he came home from getting his surgery, my baby brother was walking like a drunken sailor (that's what Momma said, but I have no idea what that means). He came right into the living room and found the chew stick I picked out for him. Momma said she wanted him to have that so that he'd forget about his stitches. He laid down to chew on it, but this happened:

Don't you just love his blue camouflage bandage??

Dr. W did his surgery. She was the nice doctor who diagnosed my Addison's last month. I told Winston he was so lucky to have her taking care of him because she saved my life!

After Winston woke up from his nap, he was a lot happier. He didn't want to play, so I took the opportunity to explain to him how our Momma works. You see, she hates the cone of shame as much as we do, so if he promises to leave his stitches alone, she won't use it. He listened to me and promised to behave (except for the next morning when he was poking around at them and Momma threatened to use the cone...he shaped up real quick). Momma never had to put the cone on him. Good boy, Winston!! So we got back to playing the next day and he never seemed bothered by the surgery. I got a UTI two days after mine, but Winston had no problems at all. The only thing that was different from normal was that we couldn't go for walks. Momma was worried about him overdoing it or getting an infection.

So his stitches came out last Friday, like I said. He's been crazy Winston ever since. Now it's been too hot to go for walks...110 degrees!! Momma said we'd all be sick. It's cooling off, so once I get my Vectra (for fleas) we can go to the big field. I can't wait!!!! Goose poop, here I come!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My family lives in a twin house and the people next door are really, really nice. When Momma and Daddy lost their last dog a little over a year ago to a stroke, the neighbors were very sad too. Almost as sad as Momma and Daddy were. I didn't know the other dog, but Momma loved her very much. I am a healing puppy, she said. Daddy agreed to let me come live with them because Momma was so, so sad. She still gets teary, but I make it better...so she tells me. Glad I could help :)

Anyway, the neighbors let me run in their yard and play. They let me come over and say hi and I get lots of scratches. Only rule, I am not allowed to poop there (Momma's rule!!). So for the last couple of days, something has smelled REALLY good over in this one spot. I found a graham cracker last week (confiscated by Momma...BOOOOO), but this smell is different. It's a smell I know from the park, the lake, and the big field. It's not goose poop...it's something else. Today, I figured it out!

We have lots of bunnies around here, but I never bother them. Today, I found where their babies live. Momma says I can't go in the neighbor's yard until the bunnies are grown up and leave. She says that even though I am a kind and gentle soul (oh Momma, you are embarrassing me!), I am still a basset hound and my hunting instincts may take over. It's better that I stay away. Sigh. I just want to play, Momma!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping...hmmm...I could get used to this

So Saturday was my birthday. I am 1 year old now! Momma says I'm still a puppy and always will be. Momma baked cupcakes for me and I got to share one with Winston. I also got a chew bone and a stuffed elephant with rope ears. Perfect for playing tug with my baby brother (if he EVER lets me play with it).

We also went camping over the weekend. I didn't know what that was, but Momma said I'd like it. We got in the car and drove to the woods. When we got there, we saw kids and other dogs! Then Daddy put these stakes in the ground and we got tied to them on leads so that he and Momma could unpack the car. It was so hot, but we got water and found some shade to sleep in.

At dinner, Momma and Daddy made hot dogs and Winston and I shared one. I think Momma put my pills in mine...she's so sneaky. Then we settled down and watched the campfire. At bedtime, Momma, Daddy, Winston, and I all slept in the big tent. I was a little scared of all the noises when it got dark, but Winston didn't care at all! He crawled into bed and slept between Momma and Daddy all night. I think he tried kicking Daddy out of bed. Silly Winston. I paced around for a while because I was scared, but Momma sat with me and I eventually just fell asleep...I was so tired. In the morning, we got up and had breakfast and then went for a walk. It was getting really hot, so Momma and Daddy packed up and we went home. Momma said that the next time we camp, it will be longer. She just wanted to see how Winston and I did. We did well, so we get to go again. MORE HOT DOGS!!!

It's Mommy and Molly Day!

Winston is at the vet. For a change, it isn't ME!! I am always there getting a shot or getting my blood tested. EVERY time, they stick that thing up my bum and say I'm "normal." I could have told them that! They didn't need to get fresh with me!

Anyway, Winston is getting surgery on his boy parts because Momma said "It's time." I remember when she said that about me and I had surgery. For once, I actually feel bad for Winston. Hopefully he leaves his stitches alone like I did and then he won't have to wear the "cone of shame." I'll have to explain that to him when he comes home.

So since he isn't here, it's just Momma and I (and the cats, but whatever). After breakfast, Momma and I played and then I napped while she caught up on yesterday's "The Young and the Restless." Momma loves that show...it's her guilty pleasure. Sticks are mine. Then she cleaned my ears and we went to Petsmart. I got 2 treats from them and lots of belly rubs. I also got called a corgi by some lady who obviously knows nothing about dogs. A corgi? Really? Sigh. After that we looked at the kittens up for adoption and then I peed on the floor. They guy working there said it was ok and Momma cleaned it up. She's getting good at that since I started taking Prednisone. She never makes me feel bad about it either. We picked out at chew stick for me and one for Winston. Now I am back home to nap in the cool house. It's so hot out. Momma wanted to take me to the lake, but she says the heat is so bad that I might get sick. Oh well.

Now we wait for the phone call saying Winston can come home. Momma asked them to do laser surgery on him so that he won't have too much pain. She did the same for me and I was back to my old self almost right away. I hope Winston feels better soon so we can wrestle again. I was just getting back to normal myself from my Addison's episode last month and my stomach bug last week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Momma Better Make Me a Cake!!

Momma went and left me for 2 days! She went to a place called Massachusetts. Sounds like "chew" doesn't it? She should have taken me...I'm good at chewing!

Daddy was at work all day, so it was just me and Winston all day long. We slept because there's nothing to do when Momma isn't home. Sleep, sleep, sleep...we are quite good at that! Daddy isn't into playing like Momma is. She says he works hard and is tired at the end of the day. I think he's full of poop (like Winston!) because he works in an office. He needs to play more. Maybe he needs to run around the big field like Winston and I do. He should try the goose poop too!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday, or so Momma says. She says I am going to be 1. I hope she buys me presents and makes me a cake. I'm a good girl, so I deserve it. Momma also keeps saying that word "camping" again. She put the tent and some other stuff in the car. I think something is happening, but I don't know what. Is she going to Massachusetts again?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Yucky Fourth

I told Momma that I would be taking over the blog so she can get us ready for camping. I feel better about this whole camping thing since Momma told me there would be hot dogs and NO FIREWORKS!

My Fourth of July was NOT fun...NOT AT ALL!!!! I had a belly ache on Sunday and on Monday it was very very bad. Momma made me some boiled chicken and rice because I needed to eat to take my pill for my Addison's. I threw up an hour and a half later and was grumpy toward Momma. I tried to bite her. I must have been really sick because I'd never hurt Momma. She wasn't mad...in fact, she got even more worried and took me to the emergency vet (my vet was closed). The doctor there was really nice and everyone was scratching my belly. They tested my blood to make sure it wasn't my Addison's. It wasn't and Momma was so happy. I thought she was going to dance...no one wants to see that! So the doctor gave me pills for my belly and I got to go home. I stopped pooping and throwing up, but I still don't feel like my old self. I'm getting there. Now Momma said she might have to go away for 2 days to Massachusetts and I am very sad. Daddy is home, but he works ALL DAY. Momma is always home with us. I don't want her to go. Who will play with me and sing me stupid songs?

So I started feeling better once we were home, but the terrible day wasn't over. When it was my bedtime, lots of loud booms started. Momma said they were fireworks that our town has in the park. She said they last 30 minutes and we would just play until they were over. They were loud and I didn't want to play! So Momma and I sat on the floor watching TV and cuddling. Then they were over and I went to sleep. Momma said I did well...I really tried.

See, I need my Momma home with me. She can't go to Massachusetts!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Momma has been busy wrapping up the summer class she was teaching and handed the blog over to me. I mean, it is MY blog...even has my name at the top! So, I went to the vet today. It's been 28 days since my diagnosis and I was due for my shot to control this crazy Addison's. Dr. W wasn't there, so I saw Dr. H. He's an ok guy...he owns the place and threw the puppy parties I used to go to before I got my big dog teeth. He said I am doing well and I don't need to come back until July 29 for my next shot. Then he gave me treats. I think we'll keep him around :)

But even better news: today Momma made an appointment for Winston to get his boy parts removed. The best part is that I get a whole day without him. That means I have Momma all to MYSELF. All the toys are mine too! Momma says she'll miss him that day, but she'll be fine. She has me...what more could she want?? I guess I'll miss him too. He's fun to pick on. I mean, I love my brother, but...ugh...boys!

Momma says there are big boxes coming in the mail tomorrow. She said it's stuff for this thing called "camping"...whatever that is. Should I be nervous?