Friday, July 1, 2011


Momma has been busy wrapping up the summer class she was teaching and handed the blog over to me. I mean, it is MY blog...even has my name at the top! So, I went to the vet today. It's been 28 days since my diagnosis and I was due for my shot to control this crazy Addison's. Dr. W wasn't there, so I saw Dr. H. He's an ok guy...he owns the place and threw the puppy parties I used to go to before I got my big dog teeth. He said I am doing well and I don't need to come back until July 29 for my next shot. Then he gave me treats. I think we'll keep him around :)

But even better news: today Momma made an appointment for Winston to get his boy parts removed. The best part is that I get a whole day without him. That means I have Momma all to MYSELF. All the toys are mine too! Momma says she'll miss him that day, but she'll be fine. She has me...what more could she want?? I guess I'll miss him too. He's fun to pick on. I mean, I love my brother, but...ugh...boys!

Momma says there are big boxes coming in the mail tomorrow. She said it's stuff for this thing called "camping"...whatever that is. Should I be nervous?

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  1. Oh NO, poor Winston! that is a hard thing for a guy to go through (er, speaking from experience myself...) you'll have to be nice to him when he gets back from his nootering...

    Molly-- camping! that is nothing to be afraid of. it means never running out of things to sniff! your nose will be so, so happy : ) we are going, too, in August to someplace called 'yuhsemity'?? don't really know what it's about and I don't think i'm spelling it right.

    you'll hafta take lotsa pics when you are 'camping', ok?