Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Crazy Train is Back!

Molly's feeling much much better...and Winston is glad. So am I, of course. It's been a couple of rough weeks for both dogs, but for very different reasons. Molly hasn't felt well enough to play rough for quite some time and when you have a 5 month old puppy nagging at you to wrestle, well, there was a lot of growling and snapping. Winston learned and left her alone, but turned to me to play. Poor boy, I don't play like a puppy no matter how hard I try.

Today, the Crazy Train was in full force as Molly and Winston chased and wrestled their way back and forth through the house several times over. Now, I have a happy Molly and a (somewhat) well-behaved Winston. At least he's well-behaved for now.

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