Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Yucky Fourth

I told Momma that I would be taking over the blog so she can get us ready for camping. I feel better about this whole camping thing since Momma told me there would be hot dogs and NO FIREWORKS!

My Fourth of July was NOT fun...NOT AT ALL!!!! I had a belly ache on Sunday and on Monday it was very very bad. Momma made me some boiled chicken and rice because I needed to eat to take my pill for my Addison's. I threw up an hour and a half later and was grumpy toward Momma. I tried to bite her. I must have been really sick because I'd never hurt Momma. She wasn't mad...in fact, she got even more worried and took me to the emergency vet (my vet was closed). The doctor there was really nice and everyone was scratching my belly. They tested my blood to make sure it wasn't my Addison's. It wasn't and Momma was so happy. I thought she was going to dance...no one wants to see that! So the doctor gave me pills for my belly and I got to go home. I stopped pooping and throwing up, but I still don't feel like my old self. I'm getting there. Now Momma said she might have to go away for 2 days to Massachusetts and I am very sad. Daddy is home, but he works ALL DAY. Momma is always home with us. I don't want her to go. Who will play with me and sing me stupid songs?

So I started feeling better once we were home, but the terrible day wasn't over. When it was my bedtime, lots of loud booms started. Momma said they were fireworks that our town has in the park. She said they last 30 minutes and we would just play until they were over. They were loud and I didn't want to play! So Momma and I sat on the floor watching TV and cuddling. Then they were over and I went to sleep. Momma said I did well...I really tried.

See, I need my Momma home with me. She can't go to Massachusetts!

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  1. Awww Molly, sorry to read about your belly-aching! But, glad you are on the mend :) Fireworks were pretty scary last night, we hope they can be done for a while. Camping! Lucky girl :)