Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping...hmmm...I could get used to this

So Saturday was my birthday. I am 1 year old now! Momma says I'm still a puppy and always will be. Momma baked cupcakes for me and I got to share one with Winston. I also got a chew bone and a stuffed elephant with rope ears. Perfect for playing tug with my baby brother (if he EVER lets me play with it).

We also went camping over the weekend. I didn't know what that was, but Momma said I'd like it. We got in the car and drove to the woods. When we got there, we saw kids and other dogs! Then Daddy put these stakes in the ground and we got tied to them on leads so that he and Momma could unpack the car. It was so hot, but we got water and found some shade to sleep in.

At dinner, Momma and Daddy made hot dogs and Winston and I shared one. I think Momma put my pills in mine...she's so sneaky. Then we settled down and watched the campfire. At bedtime, Momma, Daddy, Winston, and I all slept in the big tent. I was a little scared of all the noises when it got dark, but Winston didn't care at all! He crawled into bed and slept between Momma and Daddy all night. I think he tried kicking Daddy out of bed. Silly Winston. I paced around for a while because I was scared, but Momma sat with me and I eventually just fell asleep...I was so tired. In the morning, we got up and had breakfast and then went for a walk. It was getting really hot, so Momma and Daddy packed up and we went home. Momma said that the next time we camp, it will be longer. She just wanted to see how Winston and I did. We did well, so we get to go again. MORE HOT DOGS!!!


  1. That sounds like SOOO much fun!!! We are glad you had a nice birthday Molly :)

  2. Molly, camping is sooo fun! Last time i slept in the tent with mama, but it was SOO cold we slept with a hot water bottle and both slept under a big blanket. You have to be careful though, when you run around you get lots of dirt in your nose!
    Did you ever get to go to the dog park? I LOVE the dog park! Even if some dogs are mean to me sometimes...

  3. Happy Birthday a little bit late Molly! Fergus and I hope you had a lovely time. It looks fun to go camping. Fergus hasn't gotten to go camping yet, but now that I see how much fun you had, I think he would like it. I'm glad I found your blog- I like reading your adventures.