Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Action!

Winston got his stitches taken out last Friday. We've been so busy catching up on all of our playing that I've been too tired to blog.

When he came home from getting his surgery, my baby brother was walking like a drunken sailor (that's what Momma said, but I have no idea what that means). He came right into the living room and found the chew stick I picked out for him. Momma said she wanted him to have that so that he'd forget about his stitches. He laid down to chew on it, but this happened:

Don't you just love his blue camouflage bandage??

Dr. W did his surgery. She was the nice doctor who diagnosed my Addison's last month. I told Winston he was so lucky to have her taking care of him because she saved my life!

After Winston woke up from his nap, he was a lot happier. He didn't want to play, so I took the opportunity to explain to him how our Momma works. You see, she hates the cone of shame as much as we do, so if he promises to leave his stitches alone, she won't use it. He listened to me and promised to behave (except for the next morning when he was poking around at them and Momma threatened to use the cone...he shaped up real quick). Momma never had to put the cone on him. Good boy, Winston!! So we got back to playing the next day and he never seemed bothered by the surgery. I got a UTI two days after mine, but Winston had no problems at all. The only thing that was different from normal was that we couldn't go for walks. Momma was worried about him overdoing it or getting an infection.

So his stitches came out last Friday, like I said. He's been crazy Winston ever since. Now it's been too hot to go for walks...110 degrees!! Momma said we'd all be sick. It's cooling off, so once I get my Vectra (for fleas) we can go to the big field. I can't wait!!!! Goose poop, here I come!!


  1. Hope Winston is recovering well. I felt lost in this crazy world after daddy had me neutered :-(

  2. Poor Winston! We don't like the cone of shame either. Amd you didn't need those dangly hairy bits anyway hehe

  3. Winston-- sorry, man! but yeah, i like the blue cami bandage... makes ya look studly.