Thursday, July 21, 2011


My family lives in a twin house and the people next door are really, really nice. When Momma and Daddy lost their last dog a little over a year ago to a stroke, the neighbors were very sad too. Almost as sad as Momma and Daddy were. I didn't know the other dog, but Momma loved her very much. I am a healing puppy, she said. Daddy agreed to let me come live with them because Momma was so, so sad. She still gets teary, but I make it she tells me. Glad I could help :)

Anyway, the neighbors let me run in their yard and play. They let me come over and say hi and I get lots of scratches. Only rule, I am not allowed to poop there (Momma's rule!!). So for the last couple of days, something has smelled REALLY good over in this one spot. I found a graham cracker last week (confiscated by Momma...BOOOOO), but this smell is different. It's a smell I know from the park, the lake, and the big field. It's not goose's something else. Today, I figured it out!

We have lots of bunnies around here, but I never bother them. Today, I found where their babies live. Momma says I can't go in the neighbor's yard until the bunnies are grown up and leave. She says that even though I am a kind and gentle soul (oh Momma, you are embarrassing me!), I am still a basset hound and my hunting instincts may take over. It's better that I stay away. Sigh. I just want to play, Momma!!!


  1. Be patient Molly, I bet they are much more fun to chase when they are bigger anyways ;)

  2. We are bred to chase bunnies, after all. Yeah, gotta listen to your Momma, Molly, cause Mr. T, the wienie dog before me got a hold of a rabbit and it wasn't good news : (

    Molly, I couldn't tell if the pic has a baby bunny in it or if it had bunny poop! hee hee. (sorry, gross boy stuff, but Winston would understand)

  3. Wormie, click on the pic and you can see it better.

    Molly McFrecks

  4. Thanks, Ms. McFrecks, now i see it!
    McFrecks, forgive meeeeee?
    i'd date u if ya weren't my relative, ya know?

  5. I seen a wabbit afore, at mama's fwiends house. He jumped on da bed an it was too tall for me ta jump, but I wanted him soooo bad! He kept coming to the edge o'da bed an wooking at me! He knew wight where i couldn't weach! Oohh i wanted to chase hiiim!

  6. The babies are gone now. Guess they are grown up. I still go over and smell where they were...just in case they might be there.