Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Mommy and Molly Day!

Winston is at the vet. For a change, it isn't ME!! I am always there getting a shot or getting my blood tested. EVERY time, they stick that thing up my bum and say I'm "normal." I could have told them that! They didn't need to get fresh with me!

Anyway, Winston is getting surgery on his boy parts because Momma said "It's time." I remember when she said that about me and I had surgery. For once, I actually feel bad for Winston. Hopefully he leaves his stitches alone like I did and then he won't have to wear the "cone of shame." I'll have to explain that to him when he comes home.

So since he isn't here, it's just Momma and I (and the cats, but whatever). After breakfast, Momma and I played and then I napped while she caught up on yesterday's "The Young and the Restless." Momma loves that show...it's her guilty pleasure. Sticks are mine. Then she cleaned my ears and we went to Petsmart. I got 2 treats from them and lots of belly rubs. I also got called a corgi by some lady who obviously knows nothing about dogs. A corgi? Really? Sigh. After that we looked at the kittens up for adoption and then I peed on the floor. They guy working there said it was ok and Momma cleaned it up. She's getting good at that since I started taking Prednisone. She never makes me feel bad about it either. We picked out at chew stick for me and one for Winston. Now I am back home to nap in the cool house. It's so hot out. Momma wanted to take me to the lake, but she says the heat is so bad that I might get sick. Oh well.

Now we wait for the phone call saying Winston can come home. Momma asked them to do laser surgery on him so that he won't have too much pain. She did the same for me and I was back to my old self almost right away. I hope Winston feels better soon so we can wrestle again. I was just getting back to normal myself from my Addison's episode last month and my stomach bug last week.

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