Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Me, Again!

I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging. Momma is at work a lot and she takes the laptop with her everyday. When she isn't at work, she's at home doing work. All she does is work! Poor Momma :(

So here I am, back to tell you some wonderful news: I went to the vet today (It's Addison's Day!) and they weighed me. I didn't gain ANY weight. I didn't lose any either...but I didn't gain any!

And Daddy taught us a new trick. Every morning, Momma leaves for work before Daddy and it's his job to take us out to go potty one last time before he leaves. This way, Momma can stay late and help students who like to come see her in her office as she is about to go home for the day. Well, if we potty for Daddy, she can work later. We try not to potty for Daddy...ever.

Anyway, so when we do go potty, Daddy gives us a little bit of Pupperoni. Winston has been working on taking cookies nicely, but I think he gets so excited that he can't help it. I used to be like that, but Momma taught me to be a nice girl. Winston takes things from Momma like a good boy, but he won't do that for Daddy. So Daddy started tossing the Pupperoni in the air and Winston learned to catch it. Daddy taught me the same trick! I'm better at it than there, Little Brother!

Oh yeah, and Momma gave me my Percorten shot today. I am very confused by this. She TAKES me to the vet, but now she's acting like she IS the vet...with those sharp needles. BOO Vet Momma! Bring back my other Momma!


  1. Molly, I was wondering where you had been?! Did you test come back normal? Hannah does not take her treats nicely, but I do :-)

  2. No test yet! I get my routine electrolyte test next month...heartworm test too. Since I stayed the same weight, maybe we can skip the thyroid test for now. But I still have to keep up with my diet, boooo!

  3. Yay, McFrecks!
    why do you take heartworm tests, may i ask? i never took one before but i'm always taking the medicine... i m sooo confooosed.

  4. Mowwy, i know how you feel. Mama does the "vet" ting herseff too. Every odda week i gets a shot fwom her for my wegs. My wegs are pwetty crooked, doh i don't mind....only wen i pway too rough or wun all day! den it's hawd to get up fwom my nap! ANyway...our mamas shud me towd NOT to act wike VETS. Dey are such bad mamas to us! And I am so free wiff my kisses, too! Mean mamas!

  5. Worm, the heartworm test is just a routine thing my vet wants to do to make sure I am heartworm free. Momma said it's good to make sure that I am all healthy and happy.

    Bowsah, Mommas are mean when they are being vets. I hope Momma doesn't act like the vet again. If she does, well, no more kisses for Momma.