Monday, October 3, 2011

I wanna be like Bowsah!

So I have a really good friend named Bowser. I've never met him nose to nose, but I know him from the Basset Hound Forum. Some of you who read my blog know who he is. He's about the cutest thing since, well, me! He has this adorable way of "talking" (he calls me "Mowwy")and you can see what I mean by looking at his very own blog: Baby Bowsah's Bwog

Anyway, Bowsah's Momma has a Facebook page and she lets all Bowsah's friends go and look at pictures. She has pictures of fish and some other animals that I never saw in my little doggy life. She also has lots of pictures of Bowser. I like looking at his picture because he's so cute! So, all this got me thinking. My Momma has a Facebook page and she has lots of pictures of me...and Winston. So I talked Momma into it...she says I can post a link to her pictures of us. Here it is: My Momma's Facebook pictures

Let me know if it doesn't let you see them and I'll have Momma work on fixing it. You gotta see me...I am ADORABLE. So is Winston (he really is, I can't deny it!)



  1. : ) : ) : ) Mowwy! dats wunnerful dat yor mama haz a fasebook too! yoo hab lots of pictuahs of seeping wike i do. I haveta say, we bassets ar pwetty nifty : )

  2. Bowser's mama here...I just had to add my comment to Bowsers, after looking through the pics. (Bowser decided to go sit in the sun, so I can have the laptop back) Molly, you are SO CUTE. And Winston what a handsome boy! Don't tell Bowser, but I would LOVE to have another basset. He would be sooo jealous!

  3. Molly really does love Winston. Now that she's feeling better, she instigates play all the time. She does this little foot stomp to get him riled up, then the laps around the house begin. It's so good to see.

    Winston, well, Molly is the center of his world. He cries for her when she leaves (he never cries for me, which is good). He always knows where she is and what she's doing. It's so sweet.

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