Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Good News...and the Not-So-Good News

Good News: I went to the vet on Thursday and got my Addison's shot. I also got my yearly vaccinations (though some last a couple of years...hooray!). Dr. W said I was a grumpy girl when I came in for my ACTH Stim test a couple of weeks ago, so she came to the office armed with a muzzle, along with my shots. Silly Dr. W, she didn't need the muzzle. I grumbled during my exam (quit poking my belly, lady!!) but Momma told her it was no different from the sound I make when I don't want to come in the house. Momma knows I am not going to bite, but I guess Dr. W doesn't know me as well as Momma does. So, I was good...I didn't bite and I got a treat.

The other good news is that next month, I just need to go get weighed and then Momma will give me my Addison's shot from now on. No more vet, except for blood tests.

The yucky news is that I gained more weight, in spite of my best efforts to diet. Momma told Dr. W what I was eating and Dr. W says I am eating fine and shouldn't get less than I am already getting. I get only a tiny piece of Pupperoni when I go potty outside, but mostly my treats are baby carrots and ice cubes. Oh, and I get a little cheese with my Prednisone every morning. So, I am gaining more weight than I should, even on the Pred, and Dr. W says it might be my thyroid. BOO! If I gain again next month, we are doing a thyroid test when my blood is drawn for my electrolyte test in November. Momma says I have all the signs and Dr. W says since I have one endocrine problem, why not another? It's all perfectly logical.

In the meantime, I feel pretty good and am glad Momma will give me my shots now. I love the people at the vet, but I really don't like it there. I'd rather go to Petsmart! Oh wait...


  1. Molly...I sorry you keep getting poked :-( I have not had any issues with weight gain...just weight loss when I decide I am not hungry because my steroid prescription is off. Hope momma takes you to Petsmart for a reward for being sooooo good, and pretty!

  2. We want to thank you for your nice words about Cleo. She was a true gem and we miss her everyday. We are glad you are doing good even though you have gained a few pounds. We have never seen a skinny hound so you probably look really good. You be good for your mommy when she gives you those shots, it will be way better than going to teh vet all the time. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. Momma says she'll give the shots while I am eating my dinner. I'll never notice. And all the $ she will save can go toward NEW TOYS!!!!

  4. OH Molly, you poor baby girl! I've always struggled with my weight, but I must say, I think you look very healthy! You're such a brave, good girl, so many vet visits! You can't help it, and your mama is so good to you. You're a lucky little lady...even if you do have to diet! It's the diet of love because your mama cares!!! Does your vet have you on that diet perscription food? From all my dieting in life, I would think a low carb diet would work better for you than just less food..?

    Bowser says "Mowwy, dun worry about fud. It's not dat gud most of da time anyway (at my house anyway...i'm aways on strike) besides, mor paddin jus means yor more comfortabwe to snuggle wiff!"