Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's been a GREAT year!

One year ago today, I came to live with Momma and Daddy. I still remember when they came to pick me up. I was hanging out with my sister...all the other sisters left. But there was one who didn't have a home to go to, so she was going to stay with our doggy Momma and Daddy for a while. She eventually found a home, don't worry. She was very cute too, so I'm sure it didn't take long.

So there I was playing with my sister and a car pulled up. "Hey, I remember you!" I thought. When I sniffed and bit the lady's toes, I remembered her for sure. It was my new Momma and Daddy!!! They looked so excited to see me and were surprised at how much I grew in 3 weeks.

Then it was time to get in the car and go to my new home. I was getting excited! Before we left, I had to have one last wrestling match with my sister. I was winning...our doggy Momma was so done with this behavior :)

Then we got into the car and left. I was ok for a little bit, but then I decided I didn't like the car much and cried. I cried until we hit the highway, then I dozed off.

It was a long ride. There was lots of napping and crying. Finally, we got home and Momma put me down in the yard so I could sniff it out and go potty. I did both, then went to meet the neighbor (these are the neighbors who had the baby bunnies living there). They were so nice and I love them to this day. I always go say hi and get a good scratch when I see them.

Momma took me in the house and there was all this stuff just for me, little Molly McFreckles: toys (LOTS of them), chew bones, a pink puppy Kong, and a big purple bed. But then I found the BEST toy...a kitty toy!!! Soon enough, I would meet one of the owners of that toy, Nala. Oh boy, Nala and I had quite the relationship, but it's better now. Nala and Winston....well, we'll see what happens there.

But the whole time I was awake and playing, something was missing: my doggy Momma and Daddy and my sisters. I looked all over for them. All over the house, all over the yard....they were nowhere to be found. I cried and cried and cried. Poor Momma, she was so upset to see me sad. No matter how hard she tried, I couldn't stop. But she's a good Momma and she slept on the sofa with me that night and made sure I was ok. In the middle of the night, I woke up next to her but she was still sleeping. No Momma, wake up! It's playtime! I started nudging her face with my nose and woke her up. She cuddled with me and we went back to sleep. She said something about it being the middle of the night or something...I dunno.

After a couple of days, I realized that it was all ok and that even though my doggy family wasn't here anymore, my people family was a pretty good substitute. Now a year later, I have my people family and a member of my doggy family (WINSTON!!!!) here with me. Life is pretty good!

...well, except for the nail clipping and vet visits. Booooo!


  1. Oh Mollly happy one year! Your family loves you and you deserve it! You are soooo cute! And what an adorable puppy you were!
    Bowser says "good choice on da cat toy, mowwy. dey are da best!"

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Molly McFreckles!!! I am so happy you have found such a loving people and doggy family! Do not let Winston steal all of your toys!