Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boo to Tuesday!

Tuesday I have to go to the vet again. Momma said I have to go early and stay while she's at work in the morning. I have to get my ACTH Stimulation test so that the doctor can make sure my Addison's is ok. I feel great, don't know why Momma is making me go. Today I chased Momma in the yard and barked at her. I went in the car to Petsmart and then for a walk in our neighborhood. I feel awesome, Momma! Guess she has her reasons.

Here's more about the test from the Addison's Dogs website:
To perform the ACTH stimulation test, an initial blood sample is drawn and the cortisol level is measured. The dog is injected with a form of pituitary hormone ACTH that tells the adrenals to produce cortisol. After an hour, blood is drawn again, and the cortisol level measured. Resting cortisol should range from 1-4 ug/dl in the average dog, and should be significantly higher, in the range of 6-20 ug/dl, post-stimulation. (These numbers may vary depending on the lab.) If resting cortisol is low and the dog has no or a low response to the stimulation, the diagnosis is Addison's disease. Be aware that some glucocorticoids, such as predinsone, can affect the results of the ACTH test, while dexamtheasone does not.

Let's just hope that my test goes well and my Addison's is under control. Can't say the same about my hunger...


  1. Molly, I sincerely hope that your results come back ok today! I tried to post to your blog over the weekend but it kept reading error :-( Hope you don't get too sore from all the poking.

  2. poor mowwy! i fink i herd you came home otay. i hope the mean vetses wuzn't too mean to you! i hope yo mama gabe you a dollop of peanut buttah!