Friday, September 9, 2011

Party Time!!!

Tuesday was yucky. I had to go to the vet early in the morning to have my ACTH Stim test. Momma dropped me off at 7:30 and had to go to work. She only works til around 11 and then comes home. She thought the vet would call to say, "Hey, Molly can come home now!" But they never did. There I sat in a cage all afternoon when finally Momma called and asked when I could leave. "Anytime." they said. Momma thought maybe my test was later in the day and that's why they didn't call. Booo vet! Leaving me in a cage...hmph!

So Momma came to get me and I went home. I wasn't too happy, it was a stressful day with a lot of poking and prodding and waiting. I came home and napped because finally I could relax and not worry about getting a needle stuck in me. I slept all evening and after dinner, played a little with Winston. He had a new chew stick to occupy him while he was alone, so I stole it from him. He was mad but sat there looking at me all pathetic-like. I think maybe I scare him a little. Ha!

The next day, I was feeling better and we waited to hear from Dr. W. She wasn't in that day, so we figured that she'd call on Thursday. Nope. Momma was annoyed. $300 for a test and a lot of stress for me, the least they can do is call soon. Finally today they called...while Momma was at work. Momma said she wasn't worried because if there was something wrong, they'd have called sooner so they could treat me. She was right. Dr. W. called and said I was doing great and my test results were excellent. I don't need a blood test until November and then we are going to look at adjusting everything. Yay me!!!!

I was so happy, I celebrated:

Molly: 1; Addison's: 0....HA!


  1. Yay Molly! Such good news, keep up the good health...someone has to keep Winston in check :)

  2. Congratulations Molly!!!!! We are so excited to read this excellent news! You all need to keep your vet in mommy hounds (no pun intended) our vet. However, my vet diagnosed me does an amazing job at staying in touch.

  3. Molly, we are so happy you are staying in good health. We know the vets are not are special place to be but they sure can make us feel better if we are feeling the sickies. Glad to see Molly = 1; Addison's = 0. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  4. Molly you are sooo cute! You always make me smile! Bowser says: hey mowey, dats a nice hat! Did yor mama wet yoo eat it?

  5. Yay, Molly, wonderful news!! glad u r doing so well!