Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a Week!

I am very sorry I haven't been here writing lately. Momma went back to work last week and Winston and I have been busy sleeping and, well, sleeping. Not much to do when Momma isn't home or is upstairs in her office. Even though it seems like we didn't have much going on, A LOT happened this past week.

First, on Tuesday our house shook. I had just finished my lunch and had come in from going potty. Winston and I were in the kitchen with Momma waiting to see if she would give us more food. All of a sudden the doors and windows shook. Momma looked concerned. Momma is pretty calm, but she knew something wasn't right. When it stopped she relaxed and Winston and I went to take our nap. Later, Momma said it was an earthquake. Now keep in mind, we live in Pennsylvania. Weird. Daddy said it shook a lot at his office near Philadelphia, but our house only moved a little bit.

On Saturday, it was THAT day. Every month I have to go visit Dr. H and get my shot for my Addison's. No blood test this time, HOORAY! But Dr. H said I am gaining too much weight and need to watch my figure. So Momma has adjusted my food and I am hungry. Now when I am hungry, all I have to do is go look under the fridge to see if we lost any food under there and magically Momma gives us a snack. We eat baby carrots and healthy things like that. I really miss my peanut butter though. In 2 weeks, I have to go back to the vet for my ACTH Stimulation test. I had one of these when I was sick in the hospital. Dr. W gave me the test and it's what told her I have Addison's. This time around, it's just to see how my Addison's is doing. Momma said it will take 3! I guess I'll just nap.

Saturday night, ohhhh boy. We had a heck of a storm. It lasted all night! Momma was very worried. She said we were having a hurricane named Irene and it was very dangerous. There were tornadoes all around us and lots of rain and wind. We got lots of water in the basement, but it's gone now. Even though Momma was worried and upset, Winston and I were calm and cool. We slept through the while thing. Look at Winston...tornadoes all around and this boy sleeps!

Last, but not least, I am a celebrity for real! I am the latest Famous Basset Hound at "Jowls of Fury!!" Check us out here: Jowls of Fury: Famous Basset Hound Friday

What a crazy week! We are all safe and sound (and almost dry). Hopefully, this week is quiet :)


  1. Always nice to read your posts Molly. Glad that Irene lady didn't cause too much damage, or wake poor little Winston. My mom gives me carrots also...I didn't like them at first, would rather have other yummy stuff like cat poop, but now I think they are ok. Congrats on being famous!!!
    Your friend,
    Annie O.

  2. Congratulations on being a famous Basset Molly!! You are very deserving! Tell your momma that my parents feed Hannah and I 1 3/4 c of Science Diet-Light twice a day. So far it is keeping my figure under control :-) I have to look good for the lady hounds, you know?!

  3. Molly, you poor baby. What a good girl for going to the vet all the time. You poor baby! Have you asked if you can take your shots at home? Bowser get's his joint shot (Adequan) every other week, and we have to sneak up on him. It has to be given in the muscle so I know it hurts him, but if he's eating at the time he seems to ignore it *lol*
    Though if i spend too much time waving the needle around and giving him a chance to see it, he gets upset.
    I'm glad you guys survived the storm though! ANd the earthquake! jeez, you'd think you were in California! All you need now is an out of control brush fire. (Not that i'm hoping for one, just seems like you're ticking off a list of natural disasters here!)

  4. Hi Molly! You sure had a busy, eventful week! We had an earth shake and a hurricane named Irene here in VA too! Isn't that a coincidence?

  5. Bently, I'm glad you made it through all that stuff ok. Wow isn't it crazy??