Sunday, August 7, 2011

How I got my name...

I forgot to tell you this part of the story. Ever wonder how I got my name Molly McFreckles? Well, after Momma and Daddy decided to get a new friend and they had fallen in love with my picture, they decided to name me. They hadn't even met me yet! But Momma has a good sense about these things and she looked at my picture and tried to come up with a name that suited me AND that Daddy liked. She had all kinds of crazy ideas, but she said she kept coming back to the name "Molly." Finally, she suggested it to Daddy and he liked it immediately. So there they were, on Cape Cod and they decided to take a walk around downtown Falmouth (where they were staying at my Aunt's house). They stopped in for lunch at an Irish pub called "Liam Maguire's"...Momma and Daddy love Irish pubs. Momma is Irish...Daddy can vouch for this, since she has that Irish temper.

Anyway, they were sitting in the pub having lunch and drinking Smithwick's beer. They started discussing my name and Daddy said how much he liked the name "Molly." Momma said it needed a little flair, since Molly is a common name (I say that's because IT ROCKS!!). Then she said, "How about Molly McFreckles, since she has a spotted nose and some freckles in her white fur?" Daddy loved it...and I was named Molly McFreckles!!

That's how it happened...I was named in an Irish pub on Cape Cod.


  1. Hi Molly, nice to meet you. We just found your blog and we are 3 bassets that live in Illinois. And we have a basset named Winston as well. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog. I'll have to tell the story of how Winston got his name sometime.

  3. Yay for Irish pubs!! And yay for Molly McFrecks :)

  4. I want to hear how winston got his name! Maybe bowser should post about his. And I LOVE Molly McFreckles, and the name made total sense to me right away hehehe

  5. Molly McFreckles!! melikes your story and getting to hear all the details 'bout it. the name is very cute & suits you well.

    methinks i'm a McFreckles too, 'cause i got those same freckles on my nose and also on my pawz.

    haha... i was named because my person thought that i belonged in front of a fireplace in a British pub... speaking of pubs...