Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for Santa Paws

Winston's being kind of naughty today, and I reminded him that Santa would be here tonight and he'd better behave. Then he chased the kitty. I've resorted to showing him this:

Santa Tracker

Hope it works in keeping my baby bro out of trouble.


  1. Did he act right after this post Molly? Good looking out for your lil bro.

  2. Hello! A big arrroooo to you for Christmas! I love reading your blog, but needed to reach out to you for help this season for a fellow basset :(

    I'm reaching out to you today to see if you would be willing to help with a basset in need. Being a fellow basset lover myself, I heard about Holly, and found out the family could not afford her surgery and had planned to put her down instead of trying to afford the pricy surgery.

    The Opperman family lives in Des Moines, IA and adopted Holly years ago from a shelter to 'save' her for the first time, now she needs our help again. I appreciate any help you would be willing to give as I know it would break their hearts to have to part with Holly. She truely is their 'fur baby.'



    Here is the message from Holly's family:

    "Our lovable basset-beagle mix was recently diagnosed with bladder stones. The doctor said that he had never seen so many in on animal. It is causing her constant infections, an intense amount of pain, and to have embarrasing unexplained accidents that she can't control. If the infections get worse, they can become life threatening.

    But you can help! Any small contribution you could make to keep Holly a happy, healthy member of the family would be so much appreciated! This is not a fatal disease, most animals bounce back quickly from them and fell right as rain. To make a contribution to her surgery, please go to:

    Please help if you can.

    All our love,

    Katie, Josh, Aubrey and Avery"

  3. Your Santa Tracker is kewl! remind me to use it next year.