Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winston's Christmas List

My baby bro is about to learn about Christmas. He did a little over the weekend when we met creepy Santa at Petsmart. This guy was rude - he said (in not so many words) that I was fat. Excuse me skinny, grody Santa, but I have Addison's Disease and my medicine makes me chubby looking. I am watching my figure, but some things can't be helped. I'm never speaking to Santa again. Keep your stupid toys!

But Winston made a list anyway. I think we need to boycott Santa and just ask Momma to give us our presents. Here's what Winston wants for Christmas:
  • To play with Nala the orange kitty
  • Cat food
  • Cheese
  • A new Nylabone
  • Lunch (we only get breakfast and dinner now!)
  • The squirrels that live in the neighbor's tree
  • His own sofa
  • More stuffed toys
  • Potato chips
His list is pretty simple. He says he has the best thing in the world already: a big sister who loves to play with him. I do love the little guy and missed him when he had to go to the doctor yesterday. My baby bro is the best guy in the whole world :)


  1. What a horrible RUDE Santa. Just remember Molly that is one of his helpers and not the real Santa Paws. Sometimes the helpers are not as nice as the real Santa Paws. Heck Cleo was a Round Hound and she never had an excuse like you do with Addison's Disease. Heck, Mom says that you can't have a skinny hound anyway. Have a great day! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Well aren't you the sweetest big sis ever Molly! We hope Winston is feeling better soon! That Santa dood is dumb, don't listen to him. We think you are beautiful!