Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homemade Treats!

Momma bought a dehydrator last weekend and it got here a couple of days ago. I saw it and thought, "Jeez Momma, why did you buy that big ugly thing when you already complain that we have too much junk in this little house of ours?" Then she said something about making treats for me...and Winston. Well, there it sat for days and days. I would go check on it to see if there were any treats in it, but it was always empty. I thought we got ripped off by the people who sold that silly thing to my Momma.

Then this morning came and Momma got up early (we were hungry and crying). After we pottied and had breakfast, Momma started making lots of noise in the kitchen and it started to smell like food. People food. Hours and hours later, we had treats! We had nice little sweet potato snacks. We never had them before and Winston and I spit them out at first. THESE ARE NOT PUPPERONIS, MOMMA! But we got used to them and now we can't get enough! Momma made so many that she is going to share with a doggy that belongs to a lady at her work. I told her she needs to share with my basset friends :) Now we are trying to convince her to make banana snacks. She said next weekend when she is off.

What kinds of dried treats do you all like, my basset friends??


  1. I have debated for a while now about getting a I REALLY want one! Annie loves dried sweet potatoes, apples, chicken, duck, beef, fishies, bananas...ok, well I'm pretty sure she likes everything :) Enjoy Molly and Winston!

  2. I put it off for so long, but my husband kept emailing me articles about the questionable sources of ingredients in some of the treats I was buying. Dogs are getting sick and some of it is traced to these ingredients. He made me throw away some of the stuff I'd bought, so I broke down and bought the dehydrator ($34 on sale at It's a lot of fun and the dogs are really into the sweet potatoes. Molly has a weight issue due to her Addison's, so this may help us there too.

  3. How neat!!! I have never tried dehydrated treats Molly. What all have you tried? Sweet potatoes, is that all? Just curious what all you can make.

  4. Only sweet potatoes so far. Next, bananas or apples. Are apples ok for long as there are no seeds, right?

  5. oh yes, i eats apples alls the time. well, when my tummy was well i did.

    Molly-- it sounds like a terrific idea! never thought of that before. but yeah, like the only treat i could eat was dehydrated chicken that we bought in the pet store 'cuz it had just that one ingredient. well, at my last visit to the vet coupla days ago, they said 'no!' how could they???? i guess, somethin' bout possible Salmonella. boo hoo! it's been no treeats since then.

    remember someone posted 'bout dehydrated hot dog slices??? mebets those r good. tho prob not great for us : )

    maybe i should ask for a Dehydrator for Christmas. Worm