Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Got My Feet Chopped!!!!!

Vet day was yesterday. Momma and I went to get my blood taken for my electrolytes...this is getting to be the same old story, isn't it? Anyway, I hope to find out tomorrow that all is in balance. I feel good, so I am not worried. I also got my heartworm/tick disease test and it was negative. Hooray! Wasn't worried there either, but we gotta make sure I am in good health. Gotta keep up with my baby bro. He's getting so big! He's almost as big as me! He'll be 1 in February. I hope we have cupcakes like we had on my birthday. Can't go camping's too cold. We can owe you a camping trip, little bro!

So while we were at the vet, Momma remarked that my nails were long and the tech offered to trim them. Momma said she had planned to take us to Petsmart to get them done, but hadn't yet. So my bad Momma let them trim my nails while we were at the vet! Momma! How could you let them take my blood AND cut my feet off?! I dunno what I did to Momma to make her so mean to me! Hrmph!

Anyway, she says we still have to go to Petsmart to get Winston's feet cut off too (she swears it's just the nails, but I swear it's the whole foot!), but I can just go to say hi to my friends. I'm gonna laugh at Winston as he BAROOOOOOS the whole time they are taking away his feet. I am such a mean big sister.

So, we got some snow 2 weeks ago. I think I might love snow, because Momma got a 4-day weekend because of it. Her university didn't have power, so she didn't have to teach. YAY SNOW!! Winston got his first taste of snow...Daddy took him out in it while Momma was away that morning (driving on the slippery careful Momma!), but he didn't take any pictures. Momma took this one when she got home (safe and sound):

Then our power went out for a little while that night. Not for very long, so we were only a tiny bit cold. We were sleepy by that time anyway, so we didn't care. Winston crawled on the sofa next to Momma and slept through it:

So that's all we've been up to lately. I think Winston might be getting more teeth because he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! Momma is getting frustrated, but she says he'll get over it. I did the same thing at his age. Hope he is over it by the time Christmas is here...or he'll chew up the Christmas tree! Now, I have to go tell him all about the tree, and Santa, and presents...

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