Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well, we went on stupid vacation! Momma and Daddy went, but we went to stay at the vet. Yeah we got the "luxury suite" and got to play outside every day, but at night it wasn't cutting it. Where is my sofa? Where is my dog bed? I know I have more toys than these 4 puny things Momma brought along.

Right after we checked in, a couple other bassets checked in. Brilliant kennel workers put them across from us and we proceeded to howl at each other. Well, not me since I don't howl. But my baby bro sure had a lot to always! This little lady just wanted her beauty sleep. So much for that.

The good side is that Momma and Daddy picked us up a day early. So that means I got to sleep on the sofa Wednesday night. For that, I am grateful. I've been really quiet since we got home. It's good to make Momma nervous sometimes. If she thinks this is affecting my Addison's, then she won't leave again, right? Winston is doing his part by not eating without a lot of hesitation. My baby bro will eat anything that's not tied down. Oh, lets be honest...he'll eat anything tied down too! But Momma gives him his food and he just looks at it and walks away. Eventually he eats it, but not without being dramatic first. Good job, little dude! You got her worried too! We are smart though. We play and cuddle juuuuust enough so that Momma won't call the vet, but we are acting funny just to keep her on her guard. Brilliant, I'd say. That's the plan we hatched in the SIX DAYS WE WERE AT THE STUPID VET KENNEL!!! Serves Momma and Daddy right!

In other news, we've chewed up our dog bed and are getting a new one this weekend. It seems like we deserve at least that much, considering we were held captive FOR SIX DAYS!!

And did I mention that we got baths while we were on stupid vacation. Yeah, adding insult to injury...


  1. You poor babies - held prisoner for 6 days! I'll have to remember this sneaky behavior after my hounds get back from the luxury suite in June. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Oh Ms. McFrecks so glad u r back home w/Mama now. glad u survived! please take a pic of the new dog bed... hee hee!

  2. Mowwy you had to weave yor mama an dada AN have a baff? dat's just twagic. howwibow! i hope yor mama gabe yoo lots of kisses wen she got back! An peanut buttah. Lots of dat too!