Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stop! Thief!

Oooooo my baby brother is in trouble with Momma!! He is so naughty! He did something that I'd NEVER dream of doing in a million years! I am a good girl who knows her manners...not a naughty little boy who forgets his!

Momma took Winston to Petsmart the other day all by himself (I got to go Sunday). He had to go get his toes chopped off at the groomer again. So after he was finished, Momma let him walk around and look at toys and play with the other customers and their dogs. He got scratches and nuzzles...all that good stuff that comes with going to get your toes chopped. Momma was in line paying for the toe chopping when Auntie Dawn (she's not really my aunt, but we love her enough to call her that), who was the cashier, said "WINSTON! What are you eating now?!" Momma turned around to find that he had taken a dog bone shaped cookie off the rack and was going to eat it. Momma got it from him and wouldn't let him eat it. It was covered in plastic wrap...bad for bellies! She wanted to pay for it, but Auntie Dawn wouldn't let her. Boy, was Momma upset and embarrassed.

My brother's manners seem to come and go like the wind anymore. Momma is getting frustrated and told him that if he doesn't shape up soon, he is going to doggy school! Oh boy, better listen because doggy school stinks. You get in trouble for napping, you have to do homework...I know because I went when I was a teeny baby. I hated doggy school!

So that's my brother's latest antics. He's something else.

By the way, I learned to use the little steps Momma bought for me. Now I go up on the comfy sofa whenever I want! Go me!!!!!


  1. BOL, swiping cookies is no good Winston, happens to the best of us sometimes though....


    1. He agrees, but I am not sure he's sorry. I say it just bolsters my argument that he steals everything that isn't tied down.

    2. Well, guess what McFrecks.... I do the same thing! uh oh, gotta confess! well it's even worse at Petco here, where they put a nice big bone cookie NOT EVEN wrapped in anything. Right on a shelf at my level! that is just plain silly-- how do they expect me NOT to eat that? haha, methinks it might be the same with Winston....

  2. It is all in the name I am telling you. Our brother Winston's manners seem to disappear all the time too. Sniffs, Amiee and Bella.

  3. My brother Reggie and I (Lola) go to Pet Supplies Plus to take our baths cause it's way easier on Mom (so she says). She still washes us, which is good because we don't like strangers touching us, but the mess is at the store, not in the bathtub at home. Anyway, last time we went Reggie pooped on the floor AND then he ate a whole bunch of biscuits out of the bins while Mom was cleaning up. It was kinda funny but our human sister who was with us said it was bad manners.


  4. Sweet Molly, I think it is a male basset thing! I hope Winston rolled over for forgiveness :-)

  5. Bowser says that's not bad manners at all...that's just good nose work in finding that plastic wrapped bone!