Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentime's Day!

It's Valentime's Day, hound dog friends and I wanted to wish you all a happy one. This year, I think I have 2 Valentime' sweet Bowsah, of course, and my Momma! As mad as I have been with Momma, she does love me. She says she doesn't like taking me to the vet and she doesn't want to go on vacation without me, but sometimes a Momma's gotta do what a Momma's gotta do. I guess that includes nail clippings because Momma said she is going to take me to get one of those this week too. Winston needs his cut off too, Momma...don't forget to torture...err, take care of him too. I'm rethinking this Momma is my Valentime thing now. I'll just let Winston be my Valentime instead.

In other exciting news, we got new furniture in the living room a few days ago. Our furniture was old and breaking down, so Momma and Daddy decided to go shop for new stuff. Now they've tried this before and couldn't agree on anything (Momma wanted to know when Daddy suddenly got an opinion on stuff like wall color and furniture). Finally, they found something they both liked and was basset friendly (easy to clean and big enough for us to cuddle with them on it). Well, last Friday after Momma got home from work, she spent the afternoon tearing apart the living room and cleaning it. Winston and I chased and chased and chased the vacuum and mop. Boy were we tired that night. We won, by the way. The vacuum and mop went back into their hiding spots. VICTORY!! The next day, Momma and Daddy took all the furniture out of the living room and rolled up the rug. It was weird! Winston grabbed a toy and ran laps all over the room. I just hung out with Momma and was very confused. When the furniture guys got here, Momma, Winston, and I sat in the car (it was snowing and we couldn't play in the yard) while they brought the new furniture in. Momma wanted us out of the way and she didn't want me getting stressed out because of all the commotion. I was a little concerned with all this... until my seat warmer kicked in. Then I just settled in and enjoyed the wait. Winston was very concerned by the guys carrying all that big stuff.

So now we have a big new chair with a big new ottoman. And man, you should see the couch. There's plenty of room for Winston and I...and Momma! The only problem is that it's too high for me to jump up on. Momma bought me steps on Saturday afternoon, but I'm not too sure about them. I just lay on my dog bed or let Momma help me up. I'll have to figure this out somehow.


  1. A new ottoman, oh man you are so lucky. We love our ottoman Cleo purchased it years ago at the street sale, but it needs some new coverings on it. We wanted to let you know that we don't have steps but we have a ramp to get on our couch with. It is one of those plastic kid ramps that they use to ride their bikes on and jump off of. We put some indoor outdoor carpet on it and it works so good. Winston even uses it for a slide when he wants off the couch. Hope you have a great Valentines Day. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    1. Happy V day too McFrecks! and how exciting bout your new furniture! HoundDogMom has a kewl idea with ramps...