Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beau the Basset

Not all bassets have the sweet, cushy life that Winston and I have. I am thankful every day for my food, my healthy treats, my doggy bed, my sofa, and all my toys. Yeah and Winston too...most days. Little dude needs to stop barking in my face!

So there is a basset in need and his name is Beau. His owner died and the people who took him in weren't able to keep him. He was not able to live that cushy dog life that we all deserve. Well, on the Basset Forum there are a lot of nice people. Some of my best doggie friends are from the forum. Hey, that's where I met my boyfriend Bowser, so it must be a good place. Anyway, the Jowls of Fury crew has agreed to take Beau in and a transport network was set up to get him to the JoF home this weekend. He will stay with them until a permanent home is found. In the meantime, he will need the usual things all dogs need: food, toys, vet care, etc and all that costs money. My basset friends and I have been spreading the word to help raise some money for Beau's care. If you can donate anything, please do it here:

Welcome to the family, Beau. We hope you have a good time with the JoF gang and find your furever home soon!


  1. Welcome to the JOF house. We hope you find your furever family soon Beau. Heck maybe you will show them what a gentlemen you are and Molly and Winston will be like can he stay, please DADDY. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    P.S.. We strongly believe they are like potato chips you can't have just one. :)

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