Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wanted: A New Momma

Our dear Basset friends,

Effective immediately, we are searching for a new Momma because we are very, very, very mad at the one we have. As if the vet visits, ear cleanings, and nail clippings aren't bad enough, now Momma said we are going to have to be boarded for 6 days...soon. She explained that we are going to stay at the emergency vet we use (our vet doesn't board) and it'll be like a vacation for us. She's going on vacation with Daddy, but I think they are getting the better end of the deal. I mean, who wants to live at the stupid vet for a week?? I'd like to see them stay there! Momma says it's because I have Addison's and if I get sick, there will be really good doctors there to take care of me.

And if THAT'S not bad enough, we have to go to the vet this weekend to get shots so we don't get sick at the boarding place/prison. AND Dr. W doesn't work at the vet anymore, so we have to meet a NEW doctor. They better not cut off our nails while we are getting shots. Not again.

So this is why we are looking for a new Momma. Our Momma is mean. If you know anyone that wants 2 cute bassets, let us know.

Molly and Winston


  1. Molly and Winston, we would be more than happy to welcome you to our home. We would have to come up with a nickname for Winston since we have a Winston as well but that would be okay. But we want to let you know that almost all Mommas will make you get your nails and stuffs done. But we don't board here at our house as our human brother comes to stay with us so we always have a huge pawty when our humans leave us. BOL So are you coming over? Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    P.S...We do think your Momma and Daddy are really putting you first by placing with you someone that can watch over you and take care of you just in case.

    1. Oh Molly & Winston, i knows u mads, but methinks this is just what happens from time to time. melucky it hasn't happened recently, but i do's remembah last last Decembah, I wuz 'boarded' for 9 days... 9!! can u believes it?

      my person had crazy int'l travel and the plane didn't take off as planned, it wuz delayed a day. they put them up in a hotel that nite... and guess whut? my person wuz mad & worried bout me so she took a taxi to come see me... (haha and gave the airline the receipt to get reimbursed). it wuz good to see her, but then i just played and played at the boarding place. I even got into a large bag of treeats at some point there! so just hope that ur Mama's plane gets delayed or something and she will spend more time w/you before she leaves.

      mewrote this long times ago, but only now figured out how to post again.